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Breastfeeding in a Public Setting

Updated on September 4, 2014

Although it is a natural nutritional method of feeding ones newborn it is somewhat frowned upon within our nation. Why is it that people would rather see a mother feeding her baby a powder substance over the natural milk their body produces for this purpose? Why is it not okay for me to feed my child in a public setting? Even if you keep yourself covered you still get dirty looks from those around you.

Yet is there a setting for you to feed your child in these places? 9.5/10 times the answer to that is NO, heck over half of the time public restrooms do not even have a changing station for a baby. I am sorry but no mother wants to lay their child on your dirty restroom floor to change their diaper (changing pad or no)! What do you expect us breastfeeding mothers to do? Go sit on a toilet used by who knows how many other people in order to feed our child?!

What about the awkward moment when you need to feed your child at a family member or a friends place (I will also refer to this as a semi-public setting). Do you just go ahead and feed your child right then and there, or do you ask for a place to go to feed your child privately? What is the right answer for this? There is not one, it should be your own preference, but sadly it is not.

I want to take a poll just to see where people stand on this subject now, from both men and women of all ages. There will not be options for unbiased decisions, I do not want to give an easy out for the subject. So please take a few minutes and answer my toll questions, thanks!

Do you feel that women should:

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Do you feel that women should be able to Breastfeed in a public setting?

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Now to break that down a little more, do you feel that women should (in a public setting):

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Do you feel that women should be able to Breastfeed in a semi-public (as in at a family member or friends house) setting?

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Now to break that down a little more, do you feel that women should (in a semi-public setting):

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Thank you so much for your honesty and your point of view! I will have another blog to go along with this one with more information, including personal experiences after I have reached a substantial amount of data from this blog.

Again thank you so much for reading and sharing your views!


© 2014 Elizabeth


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    • kiddiecreations profile image

      Nicole Kiddie Granath 12 months ago

      I breastfed my firstborn son and now I'm breast-feeding my younger son, as well. In public settings, I cover up for my own privacy and also for the sake of others. I understand that sometimes it's not convenient to cover up, or baby does not want to be covered. In those cases, it may be necessary to breast-feed while uncovered. But generally speaking, I think that most of the time women should be able to cover up using a nursing cover and that this should help others not to feel uncomfortable. If someone is nursing using a cover and others are still having a problem with it, that is really the other person's issue and no one else's.