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Bringing Out The Greatness in Our Children!

Updated on December 4, 2014

Your Child's Greatness and Gifts To The World

Children are like sponges, they absorb everything. It is not what you say it is what you do as a parent, teacher and society. Children are said to be a "tabula rosa;" we as parents she be obligated to write everything possible on his or her slate. Nothing is to great for a child with curiosity and encouragement.

I know technology is the BIG thing for our children. Technology does expose our children to the world. Tut their exposure is like watching television; they are sitting on the sidelines of life. They cannot smell, taste or touch the rose; nor can they inhale the scent or feel the rain as it pours down on their little hands and faces. Children should know the world isn't simply his or her street that they live on....the world is much, much bigger!

How do we find the GREATNESS in children? Ti begins with nurturing, love, encouragement and exposing children to all of life's entire gifts! Look at your child, gauge his or her personality. Is he or she a risk taker, or are they shy with a lack of confidence? Children exhibit abilities early if you pay attention to them and his or her personality.

I have worked, and raised all races and cultures of children. They are so innocent and ready to please. I love children because they do not have any preconceived view of the world. They are truly innocent but they have a sense about adults that are truly amazing! Children recognize adults that truly LOVE them. Guess what....children do not care about race and culture until ADULTS and SOCIETY teaches them about race and culture. Children just LOVE!

My niece at the age of three years old has been exposed to everything I can think of, such as: ballet, basketball, gymnastics, playing the drums, baseball, soccer, cooking, math, reading, decorating, singing, swimming, cheer leading, riding her bike, playing in the dirt, picking our her clothes, designing her own home and becoming the First American Child Model and loving everyone.....the list can and does go on and on and on.... Her most important saying is: "Auntie, Tio, Grandma, Pa Pa, Tia, Uncle, Mommy, Daddy, and friend, "I Love You," in the sweetest voice that it melts your heart!

This is a sweet, loving, stubborn little girl that knows what she wants out of life. This little girls inspires me; she is funny, loving and the most insignificant things have her cracking up with laughter! She believes that we will sign our book together. We have designed our new home and she had so much input in the area's that are important to her. I am not exaggerating. I am speaking the truth, I include her in all life's possibilities. I continue to read to her the book of "Secrets by Rhonda Byrne."

How many gifts and talents do your children present and how do you respond to his or her thought processes? Please understand children are blessings and challenges adults to pursue, grow and never give up on their life's goals.

Many of you are probably saying, "What does a child know?" Children know honesty, laughter, love, reaching for the stars! They realize getting what they want our of life as long as you are willing to EXPOSE self to the greatness of life; they know life does NOT end and begin in your timing but in the timing of the LORD! Let's have fun and limit our timing in the hands that will take us all to the next chapter in life!

Can we cut down on technology and create an environment where our children are ready for AIR, SUCCESS and loving competition! When I read President Barack Obama's book, "The Audacity of Hope," this book compelled me to re-think my life! The title alone is such a statement of having the nerve to HOPE and DREAM! This is important for our children to know, that believing LIFE is BIGGER THAN WHAT THE EYE CAN SEE.

  • Audacity means boldness or daring, confident disregard for personal safety, nerve..
  • Audacity means effrontery; shameless, boldness
  • Audacity, audacious acts or statements

Now let's define hope

  • Hope is a feeling of expectation and desire for certain things to happen
  • Hope means wanting something to happen

When you put audacity and hope together it becomes a POWERFUL RECIPE FOR SUCCESS! It means you have the nerve to want something and expecting that something to happen. An example of this: Mr. Barack Obama had the nerve to want to become President and his expectation became a reality. Mr. Barack Obama is now addressed as President Barack Obama, leader of the most powerful country in the world!

I want my children to have the same nerve and expect that his or her audacity will come to fruition. The world is BIG and our children have his or her own place to carve out, with your help!

Let's expose ourselves and children to his or her DESTINY!

Don't try to stop me, because here I come!
Don't try to stop me, because here I come! | Source


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