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Bugaboo Buffalo - The Ultimate Stroller

Updated on January 21, 2016

Bugaboo Buffalo is the all-new, all-terrain ultimate stroller. Just like Bugaboos’ previous models, the Buffalo is know for its high quality, smart and simple design, ease of use and innovative functionalities.

Probably one of the main reasons why Bugaboo is so popular is because of it’s great functions. In the new Buffalo, the 4 wheel design with great suspension offers you and your baby a very smooth ride. This stroller also offers you the possibility to the front wheels if you go over a rough terrain, or, if you are on the beach or snow, change it into the well-known two-wheel position. The frame also has the one piece height-adjustable handlebar and easily accessible foot-brake. The stroller is one piece fold-able and self-standing. You can easily fold it with or without the seat( or bassinet). In both ways, it fits even in the smallest cars. It is also possible to easily remove the wheels for a very compact fold. In this case I would recommend buying the special Bugaboo stroller bag, since it is easier to transport it that way.

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The comfort level this stroller offers for your baby is amazing. Since you can use it from infant to toddler, it has a lovely bassinet. The bassinet is equipped with a high-quality mattress , swing away carry handle and extendable sun canopy for protection against sun, wind and rain. Since Bugaboo is also known for it’s great, easy to store away function, it is no surprise that the new Buffalo has a 2-in-1 frame for both, seat and bassinet. The seat itself is reclinable and roomy enough for bigger kids (up to 50lbs/23kg). It is placed pretty high off the ground so it is also very easy to place your kid into it. The seat has an adjustable five-point safety harness and, since it shares the frame, also a rotating carry handle so you no longer need to remove it like you did with the old Cameleon. The seat and the bassinet are both reversible so that you can chose whether the baby faces you or the world. Not to forget, both are usable independently. Plus, all Bugaboo fabrics are completely removable and washable, also you can buy additional fabric sets to suit your wants and needs. Since you can use it from birth, Buffalo provides you with the option to use it with a lot of popular brand car-seats, like Maxi-Cosi. But additional adapters are needed and are sold separately.

The company has also thought about the parents. Now the Buffalo has additional storage space. Besides the under-seat basket, there is a special bag that you can place on the handlebar. With this new option, the stroller now holds up to 16kg of luggage.

As the company states, the Buffalo is made for those who love to explore. With this stroller, there is nothing that can stop you, whether you enjoy a nice and gentle stroll through the town or going for a cross-country ride. It is no surprise that this stroller is very expensive (Over $1000), but with all that it offers, it is so worth it!

Unfortunately, since it is relatively new and came out in March 2013, it is not available worldwide yet, but it is planned to release it globally in Autumn 2013.

The Bugaboo Buffalo introduction!

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