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Burglar Alarms-Are they worth it?

Updated on May 6, 2011

Our Buglary


After 14 years in our current home we have had a burglary. We left home at 2.50pm to visit Opticians and returned at 3.40pm.Later Police advised us that the crunch of our tyres had apparently disturbed the visitors who had fled, as they entered through a jemmied Patio Door, then a Conservatory window they had given like treatment to on their wayin, and thus escaping over the rear Garden Fence to a Bridle Path. A team of 3 were apparently involved.Police attended swiftly and were efficient and thorough at the scene of crime scene. Fortunately we lost only around £300 in cash and goods, thanks to our unexpected return. However, the damage done is around £1750.Our insurers have been excellent and so the actual cost to us is reduced to a reasonable sum, apart from the emotional stress involved of course

So, are Burglar alarms worth it. My father an ex-Policeman always disputed their worth but today"s officers are fully convinced of their worth. Even so, the view prevails amongst most of our friends that"if they are going to get in they WILL get in regardless of what you do.

Assuming that one does have an alarm is there a real difference in the ones fitted by "experts" or the type you can get at Argos etc that are supposedly easy to fit and do the job they are intended to do.That is a subject for debate and we would love any views. Our existing system is almost an antique and we are looking to bring it up to the type available in this century.Personally, I side with the old Detective ,my father, but my wife and the insuresr take a different view. Bearing that in mind the link below provides food for thought before selecting what may be te answer and may be of help to others reading this.



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