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Buy Baby Surf Clothes Online

Updated on March 14, 2011

Surfing is one of the coolest sports in the world and is so for many different reasons. For one it's one of the most dangerous and extreme sports in the world, with people risking their lives every time they decide to climb up on a wave.

Surfing is also a great sport for those who don't want to do it the most extreme way, but are content riding the small waves, just being one with the water, enjoying the natural atmosphere.

So where does that leave babies; how do infants fit into the surfing world?

They actually, surprisingly, have a spot in the surfing world. You can actually buy infant surf clothes, surf baby clothes, toddler surf clothes and all kinds of baby surf wear; there are, even, baby surf boards for sale if you're eager to get your toddler out on the water. It's actually a great way to introduce babies to swimming and being comfortable in water; plus it's kind of cool to tell people that you have a little infant surfer!


Infant Surf Shorts

The good thing about infant surf clothing, and, more specifically infant surf shorts, is that it the surf clothing they wear doesn't have to be very specific; meaning surf shorts for babies can mean anything from a diaper bathing suit, to a mini speedo. 

One of the bestselling infant surf shorts for sale online is the Outside Baby Quick Dry short; this short is 100% brushed polyester, is quick dry (great for traveling in cars) and has an elastic waist.  I especially like the last bit, about the elastic waist: this surf short for a baby can last for two to three year. 

Another option are waterproof diapers.  These actually can look like surf shorts while making sure you're baby remains comfortable all day long (although they might smell a little). 

Toddler Surfing Gear

The most popular kind of toddler surf clothes to buy online are, of course, baby wetsuits.  Baby wetsuits are so popular because of what they promise, and how they fulfill that promise.  Toddler surfing gear is very affordable, and made of the highest quality; even if you don't want your little child out on a surf board yet, with a baby wetsuit you can get them in the water with you.  And they'll remain warm.

The best surf baby wetsuit for sale?  By far the Baby Wetsuit by Konfidence.  It's designed in a way that opens up at the top and bottom, allowing for easy access for your toddler; the should straps are adjustable, fitting a little infant of almost any size.  Color coded sides for good visibility, and insulation that will keep anyone warm for hours top off this high quality wetsuit for kids. 

The best part about toddler surfing gear?  Cheap.  Really cheap.  This makes it a great investment to help get the entire family out on the water. 

Baby Surf Wear

Last, but not least, is baby surf wear for sale.  Baby surf wear, or just baby surfing apparel, is so popular because it's great clothing for babies in and out of the water.  Baby surf wear can be considered Hawaiian baby clothes (they have the same style, the same vibe).

What's considered Baby surf  wear?

  • Toddler Surf Shirts
  • Baby Surf Shoes
  • Infant Surfing Jackets
  • Baby Surfing Toys
  • Toddler Surfing Boards
  • Toddler Surfing Pants 



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