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Buy A Steam Humidifier Online

Updated on January 10, 2010

Steam humidifiers are great when battling a cold and dry winter season. One of the steam humidifiers benefits is the result it can have on your skin. The humidifier works by emitting constant bursts of steamed water into the air. The water reaches a boiling point level and can kill bacteria and viruses before it ever shoots out these burst of steamed mist. The steam from the humidifier helps to moisturize the skin and prevents it from feeling so dry. Most steam humidifiers begin shooting out these bursts of steam in as little as 3 minutes. They can add moisture equivalent to 1 to 2 gallons of water for each time the reservoir is filled with water. Many have adjustment controls on the units which allow you to control how much steam you would like the machine to emit as well as removable reservoir so you aren't carrying the unit from the sink and back when re-filling it.


The optimal comfort level for humidity or moisture in a home is around 40-55%. When it’s very dry indoors, it can cause a number of heath ailments and symptoms. Some of these can be persistent and also quite annoying. Thankfully most can be eliminated by adding a humidifier in the home. Dry indoor conditions during the winter months can cause things from a scratchy throat to respiratory infections. Many will improve or have their health issues eliminated altogether when having a steam humidifier in their home or bedroom. Dry indoor conditions during warm weather are not good for your homes furniture either. This has a tendency to dry out your furniture, particularly wood furniture, hardwood floors and wood work. This is caused by a depletion of moisture in the wood. Warping and splitting of wood products can also occur. The best way to keep your house at the proper humidity is a whole house steam humidifier. Humidifiers can also save money on your electric bill since unbalanced moisture or inadequate humidity of the home can cause you to feel colder than the actual temperature is because of evaporating moisture on your skin causes a cooling effect.

A very good steam humidifier to consider is offered by The machine runs about $100.00. The humidifier is about 10" high and 14" across and weighs 7 pounds. The unit is also very cosmetically appealing as it sports a lovely red color. With its compact design, sleek look, and great functioning ability, you can't go wrong with this purchase.

How It Works

Most steam humidifiers will at one point or another begin to emit less steam that it did when the unit was new. Often this issue can be corrected by the owner of the humidifier. This problem is usually caused by hard water build-up. One way to prevent this in the future or to minimize it, is to use a better quality of water instead of tap water. This can be distilled or purified water. This really depends on how large of a unit you own. The larger the unit, the more water it requires. This could be quite expensive if using distilled or purified water if the unit is on the larger side.


To maintenance your humidifier so it will emit a better quality and amount of steam is to take the unit apart. You will need a T-10 Torx screwdriver to begin, Make sure you have a table to work on and protect the table’s surface from the water that could come out of the machine. Be sure to unplug the unit from its power source. Most of the smaller, tabletop units have a 110 volt circuit electrical cords but this can still cause you to perhaps be electrocuted when mixed with water.

Remove the center from the humidifier by removing the out covers screws with your screwdriver. Now remove the top cover of the housing element. Take a look at the lower element housing. If the humidifier has not been working as it should, it’s likely this is caused from hard water build-up and mineral deposits. You will likely notice quite a bit of flaky build-up that's light in color. This is lime and hard water. Clean this out with the head of your screwdriver. Scrape all the debris of the unit. Rinse it out well with water. Next take a look at the element rods. They are usually made of carbon which is what your common pencil is made from. You will likely notice the elements are covered in hard water deposits.


You have a few choices with how to remove the build-up from the elements with one being scraping the elements with the head of your screwdriver. Scrape the residue from the element little by little. You can also soak the part on a 50/50 mix of vinegar and water. After the elements have soaked for 20 to 30 minutes, the residue should come off easier. The last option is to use CLR cleaner. Be sure to refer to the owner’s manual prior to using any chemical since it will depend on the materials used to construct your particular humidifier as to whether or not chemicals of any kind are able to be used. You will know your finished when the elements have a nice black and shiny appearance to them. Wipe off the left-over debris from the elements. The unit is now ready to be put back together. First place the element housing into the lower housing making sure to line up the tabs correctly. Now install the top cover being sure the parts are in the same places when removed and taken apart. Screw the T-10 screws into the housing of the unit. Now you’re ready to fill the humidifier with water and power it on.


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    • pigfish profile image

      pigfish 8 years ago from Southwest Ohio

      Very timely hub, yescpres, and good information. I've been thinking about buying one. I used to use one quite often when the kids were little but never bought one for my own use.