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Buy Superyard Classic XT Gate Baby Play Yard

Updated on July 14, 2011

Kids Play Yard Features

It's designed for both indoor and outdoor use, an excellent solution for creating a safe enclosed area for kids and pets anywhere from the backyard to the play room. Classic XT Gate play yard is all you need for your kids protection when attending to other households chores. The play yard is long lasting and made of durable and weather resistant plastic materials.

The Superyard play yard is portable providing 18.5 square feet of protected play areas. The beauty of the play yard is that it can be reconfigured into different shape depending on the play ground spaces or available playing field. Setting the play yard is very easy and can be done without any assistance from the manual. Below are some key features of the Superyard Classic XT Gate Play Yard

Kids Play Yard Features

Play yard is 26" high, and has got a convenient carrying strap, it has got 6 panels, hexagonal shape- offers 18.5 square feet of play area, the other functionality of the play yard is that it Can be used indoors or outdoors and this will suit many people wishing to carry the play yard outside home, Sets up in seconds and also has got a Lightweight and portable and the Versatile Design Offers Many Uses.

Superyard Classic XT Gate Play Yard

Factors to Consider when buying a play yard


This is the first element that you need to consider before buying any play yard, many stores will have over priced play yard hence one needs to check all the major online shopping portal to compare prices, go where you will get a great deal like Amazon does have some great sales. When looking for the cost do not compromise on the quality of play yard as some will sell you a substandard play yard at low cost ending up to be an expensive adventure.


Check on the materials used to make the play yard, read online reviews about the play yard in shopping portal like Amazon which offers customers feedback to help other people make informed decision before buying any particular product. Buying a low quality play yard will cost you dearly as soon you will be back on the drawing board to get yourself another play yard. These are just but a few factors to consider before buying any play yard for kids. Below is what customers had to say on Amazon play yard review

“This gate/fence is great. Comes in one piece in the box, is lightweight, yet strong enough to work great. It is stiff enough to stand up as a fence. Published 17 days ago by Richard A. Shaward “Read more from Amazon


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