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The Dangers of Vaccines: What are the Ingredients in Vaccines? Should We Be Forced To Vaccinate?

Updated on April 18, 2015

A CDC study published in Paediatrics (2004), initially asserted no link between the MMR vaccine and autism, but in 2014 Dr William Thompson, an Epidemiologist and former CDC researcher, revealed data clearly showing african american males were at a much higher risk of developing autism (340% increased risk to be exact) if given the MMR vaccine on time (in accordance with the CDC schedule).

He had written a letter of concern regarding this substantial link to Julie Gerberding, the former Director of the CDC, in 2004, which was promptly ignored. Incidentally, Julie Gerberding then went onto becoming the Vice President of Merck (the pharmaceutical company that makes the MMR vaccine). I shall let this massive conflict of interest settle in whilst you read on!

All this information was immediately suppressed and the criteria for being eligible to participate in the study was altered so that children who did not possess a valid Georgia birth certificate could no longer participate in the study. This now meant that the majority of autistic african american children were eliminated from the sample size, making it appear as though there was little or no link between autism and the MMR vaccine.

Considering the fact that the CDC is supposed to have the publics' health at heart, this is a surprising turn of events. By keeping this information under wraps, the CDC effectively facilitated the MMR vaccine manufacturer, Merck, in making a profit from a product that substantially jeopardizes the wellbeing of a targeted group of the population. Ethical?

When our daughter was born a few years back, my husband & I made a conscious decision to not vaccinate her. With anything... shots, boosters, immunizations...nothing! Almost two years down the line, watching her amazing development, and (Thanks to God) no flus, colds, allergies, or other infections makes us 100% certain we made the right choice.

Being a Pharmacist myself, we filtered through articles and the limited study data available to get a true picture of what the anti vaccine movement was really about. Putting all groups and other distractions aside, it fast became apparent that not only were there substantial risks involved with vaccinating young children but the very additives in the vaccines were a toxic concoction that would surely upset some balance in the the child's body.

This article is really just to raise awareness of the fact that publicly sanctioned vaccines are continuously recommended and injected into children with the explicit knowledge that the additives (possibly including the viral strains themselves) can cause devastating developmental and autoimmunal disorders in children, well into their adulthood. It now seems plausible that many conditions that are diagnosed in humans such as asthma, allergic conditions, autoimmune disorders, cancers, diabetes and developmental disorders such as autism could in fact be linked to the vaccines, rather than being wholly hereditary or environmentally linked.

Whats really in our vaccines?

Vaccines have been found to contain Mercury, Aluminum, Antibiotics, Live and Dead Viral and Bacterial Strains, Formaldehyde, Polysorbate 80 and GMO ingredients as well as aborted foetal cell material.
Vaccines have been found to contain Mercury, Aluminum, Antibiotics, Live and Dead Viral and Bacterial Strains, Formaldehyde, Polysorbate 80 and GMO ingredients as well as aborted foetal cell material. | Source

The Importance of Informed Decisions when Choosing to Vaccinate

I feel it is essential to research and come to an informed decision about what vaccines contain, the necessity of each set of shots and boosters, the concept the herd immunity & the ultimate decision to either immunize or not immunize by injecting toxic chemical cocktails into babies and children who have developing immune systems.

One thing that is apparent is that a lot of 'research' that initially pops up online is funded either directly or indirectly by drug companies, the very same pharmaceutical giants that stand to gain financially from you vaccinating your children. Its kind of like a cash cow that keeps giving. Once you inject numerous chemical mixtures into their bodies, it sets them up to develop other conditions either immediately, or later on in life, which leads you straight back to the drug companies when you have to buy medicines to deal with the symptoms. Essentially, they continue to get paid, year after year because the initial immunisation schedule from childhood has already set the background for them.

Having said all this, I respect the rights of any parent to immunise their child if they do their research and come to the conclusion that the vaccinations would not pose a risk to the health of their children. My purpose of writing this article is to encourage informed decisions, as opposed to blindly following what the doctor, or in other terms what the pharma industry, drills into parents trusting brains. I provide this information to illustrate the importance of doing your own research, asking questions and raising any concerns with the healthcare professionals before you vaccinate, because once you make that decision, it's a lifelong decision and there is no going back.

'...formaldehyde is a known human carcinogen based on human and animal inhalation studies...'

— Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS)

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What exactly is in the Vaccines?

Below is a quick summary outlining the main toxins present in vaccines that can have a devastating impact on our bodies. We are exposed to low levels of formaldehyde in our environment, quite possibly in the home too, but numerous studies show a positive correlation between sustained exposure to formaldehyde and the development of cancer, according to The National Cancer Institute.

Cell death, allergies, skin irritation and nasal cancer are just some of the effects that formaldehyde can have, so why inject this (even if it is in small quantities) into our children? The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) even goes so far as to classify formaldehyde as a probable human carcinogen, so again, should we be condoning the inclusion of this chemical in vaccines?

Another poisonous substance which was widely found in vaccines years ago was thimerosal (a mercury compound), but after widespread concern with its toxicity on the human body, it has been majorly phased out in the modern vaccines....all except the flu shot. Yes, the one that is recommended yearly.

Do Vaccines Cause Autism??

'...mercury exposure can induce death, disorganization and/or damage to selected neurons in the brain similar to that seen in recent ASD brain pathology studies..'

— Indian Journal of Medical Research

According to numerous studies, mercury is particularly hazardous to the nervous system, the lungs and the kidneys. Even small quantities of this can prove devastating to the bodies of adults, much less for infants, a point which is especially critical when we consider that infants, immunocompromised and elderly patients are most likely to be immunized with the mercury containing vaccinations.

According to a study published by The Indian Journal of Medical Research, mercury 'exposure can induce death, disorganization and/or damage to selected neurons in the brain similar to that seen in recent ASD brain pathology studies, and this alteration may likely produce the symptoms by which ASDs are diagnosed'. Other metanalysis studies show significantly increased... risks of autism, speech disorders, mental retardation, personality disorders, thinking abnormalities, ataxia...associated with Thimerosal Containing Vaccines (TCV) exposure'.

Considering the various evidences that suggest even a plausible link between the thimerosal containing vaccines, shouldn't that prompt parents to delay vaccines at the very least, or avoid vaccinations at best? Just ask yourself why an Italian court recently awarded a family damages after the 'Italian Health Ministry conceded the MMR vaccine caused autism in their nine-year-old son'.

SUMMARY: Adverse Effects of Vaccines

  • Since the introduction of vaccinations, the rates of neurodevelopmental and autism related disorders, as well as autoimmune and allergic conditions, have shot up
  • Many vaccines contain poisonous toxins and substances such as thimerosal, formaldehyde, live and dead viruses, antibiotics, aborted human foetal cells, animal DNA, spermicides and sterility agents like polysorbate 80 and allergens such as gelatin, egg products, latex, etc.
  • Various studies suggest a causal link between the ingredients in the vaccines and the neurological and organ damage
  • Considering all the studies which support a link between vaccines and adverse health effects, many conscientious parents have decided to either delay immunizing their children, or have opted out of it altogether
  • Inform yourselves of the side effects and ingredients in the vaccines, and make an informed decision to vaccinate, or to not vaccinate

Many may be surprised to learn that aborted human foetal cells are used to grow the active ingredient in the shingles, chicken pox and rubella vaccines (part of the MMR jab). This may not worry some, or seem particularly important, but considering that animal blood, chick embryos, dog kidneys and various other organ parts are also used as a growing medium may somewhat explain the dramatic increased incidence of autoimmune disorders and allergic conditions that many people suffer from today.

Another worrying concern that is prevalent amongst the medical community is that of antibiotic resistance. When we keep exposing the body to various types of antibiotics, particularly at an early age, the bacterial organisms in the body can become resistant to the antibacterials which means that they are just not effective anymore. This means that when you actually require antibiotics, they would not work, hence a stronger or different combinations of antibiotics would need to be used. This increases the risk of developing side effects and complications from the infection. Vaccines can contain antibiotics as a standard procedure so the question arises once again, is it worth immunising your babies? Can you wait it out a little, or do you feel you should avoid the vaccines altogether?

Aluminium is another toxin found in many vaccines, a neurotoxin that has directly been implicated in increasing the risk of developing Alzheimers disease as it results in the abnormal growth of neurons within the brain. Many studies have found evidence of toxic effects of contaminants such as Aluminium 'at the cellular level, revealing alterations of pathways and metabolisms associated with Alzheimers Disease that warrant further investigations'. Evidence from studies carried out on rats who had Aluminium induced Alzheimers disease showed that selenium helped to protect against the negative effects of aluminium on memory impairment and learning.

It seems that more testing is required before we can rule out the risks of aluminium, and actually its quite apparent that we should not be injecting ourselves with anything that is a known neurotoxin, and a known contaminant implicated in the development of a progressively deteriorating condition like Alzheimers.

Susan Humphries (Nephrologist) from the International Medical Council on Vaccination Speaks Out!

Question, question....and question some more!

I just feel that it is necessary that parents actually do their research before deciding whether or not to vaccinate their children. You may or may not agree with the facts or viewpoints or conclusions in this article, but I respect every parents right to make an INFORMED decision. I just have no time or patience to respond to parents who have done little or no research on the adverse effects of vaccines, and then berate and insult people who choose not to vaccinate. If we can respect your right to inject all these chemicals and viruses into your children, why can't you respect our right to steer clear of these same toxins and viruses? To me its pretty simple, if you have the capability to have children, you also take on the responsibility to research what you put in their bodies, and then have the conviction to go against the grain if you make an informed, educated decision to do so.

Just think to yourself why the US has a national vaccine injury compensation program (VICP), from which they have forked out billions of dollars to victims of vaccines injuries? If vaccines are so safe, why are drug companies exempt from all liability of vaccine injuries? If we are to believe that vaccines have been found to be effective and safe in multiple studies, why then is there such a thing as the Vaccine Adverse Effects Recording System?...and if you think 'conspiracy theorists' or 'quack, internet researching parents' are the ones who are mainly reporting to VAERS with incidents of anaphylactic shock, autoimmune disorders, neurodevelopmental damage, seizures and worst-case scenario, deaths, then think again. The website clearly states that the 'majority of VAERS reports are sent in by vaccine manufacturers (37%) and health care providers (36%)... state immunization programs (10%), vaccine recipients (or their parent/guardians, 7%) and other sources (10%)...'.

This article is aimed at sparking your interest enough for you to begin doing your own research. Its designed to engender a desire to utilise your intellect and find out things that impact your health for yourself, and not simply drink what the health professionals tell you hook, line and sinker. If even one person carries out more research as a result of reading this article, I will feel as though the time spent writing this article was time very well spent.



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    • JennyDelToro profile image

      DinoMommy 2 years ago

      I don't understand the logic. Vaccines do irreparable damage, but you respect the rights of parents to vaccinate if they google them first? Why would you respect the right of anyone to purposefully injure their children? If there's no doubt that vaccines are full of poisons, shouldn't we be doing all we can to prevent poor, innocent children from being injected with them? Who cares about the rights of the parents, what about the children?? Who will be their voice? Why are you giving a free pass to parents to inject their child with such dangerous poisons?

    • profile image

      MojopinOz 2 years ago

      Hi Hinazille,

      I read your article with interest. I come from a medical science background and as such am very pro-vaccination but recently I have discovered a few things:

      1. It is hard to find any really valid research on either side about the effect of current vaccines. You say you have reviewed some and I would love a list of links or paper titles that I may try to track down good research.

      2. I am starting to believe that if in fact the big pharma have something to hide then the whole heated 2 camp Vaxxer/Anti-Vaxxer war is doing nothing to expose any problems. Now the science of vaccination is pretty damn solid. What I do believe is that maybe the mass production of vaccines may have big pharma hiding some short cuts that may well be endangering us. So the AV's being doggedly against "vaccination" has them easily portrayed as loonies as the basis of vaccination is sound. Now if there is problems inherent in the way vaccinations are produced and delivered then these AV's are helping big pharma as the average joe can see they are loony to be against protecting against these diseases.

      So I see the only way to get to the bottom of this issue is a change of what the AV's are saying. I wonder if the early AV's were even against the pure science of vaccination but it has suited the BP to portray them this way and they have slipped to become like this. So how about we challenge the safety of the way these are produced, how about we employ the scientist that can prove vaccination works to prove if the vaccines produced are actually being done so safely?

    • profile image

      Joe Blow 2 years ago

      Absolute BS

    • Paul Kemp profile image

      Paul Kemp 2 years ago

      Thanks for the courageous expose of the poisons the vaxxers want to inject into everyone. Misery loves company, it is said, so the pro-vaccination group wants everyone to share in their delusion.

      The pharmaceutical industry wants to sell us things we don't need. They try to scare us into complying with tales of deadly measles epidemics. What a joke!

      Our bodies have an immune system to protect us from biological harm. We don't need toxic adjuvents -- We need healthy food, supplements, exercise, and sunlight.

      Thank you Hinazille, for telling the truth.

    • hinazille profile image

      CONSCIOUSNINJA 2 years ago from Planet Earth

      Thank you for your insights Radha and yes i agree we have no idea what they put in those vaccines. Furthermore they lie about so much in the pharma industry you can't believe them when they 'disclose' certain information.

      Pro vacciners say you have to be injected with millions of vaccines for the mercury content or aluminium xontent in it to kill you....hmmm. The pharm industry benefits from you getting vaccinated, but they happy to believe in them.

    • radhapriestess profile image

      radhapriestess 2 years ago from Minneapolis, MN

      Well written piece and you brought up what many of us in the chemically sensitive community have known all along. This is the real issue--what they put in these shots. They are not being honest with people, sorry to say. I am sensitive to most of the ingredients listed on the box. I was in emergency room once for an accident. I am able to tolerate novacaine without preservative, so they used that when stitching me up. They wanted to give me tetanus shot. I told them unless you can guaranteed that there is no mercury in this shot, no. I told them I was sensitive to mercury and any amount would cause terrible effects. They did not want to risk it. I have had measles, mumps and chickenpox when I was a child. Many of us as children had very mild cases of the disease. As a chemically sensitive person, I know of people who got chemically injured and got autism that way. Some people actually tested the vaccines. Even the ones who claim they are mercury free ended up having small traces of mercury in them. Some of us are so sensitive to mercury we cannot tolerate any level. I cannot eat fish because of mercury problem, even fish with low levels.

    • hinazille profile image

      CONSCIOUSNINJA 2 years ago from Planet Earth

      Thanks Bob its great to see that conscious people can see the value of informing others about the dangers of vaccines and other drugs!

    • diogenes profile image

      diogenes 2 years ago from UK and Mexico

      A well presented, interesting and important article; a must read for parents and perhaps all of us.

      We live on such a toxic planet nowadays, both the sea and the land inundated with the poisonous results of our technology and ever increasing numbers.

      Frightening to realise the very medicines promoted as life saving are, in fact, often killing us.