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Child, Computer, and Character

Updated on June 9, 2015

Parents' Computer Advice (By: Albert Gran)

Technology is the most popular trend wherein people found amusement and leisure. It's as though all information is conclusively condensed in a board. However, not all information in the computers are beneficial to us. There are lots of negative effects of computers especially when children are misguided by their parents.

There were cases in the board when nude pop ups suddenly appear on screen while your children are playing computer games. When there's no one noticed, those things would stimulate our children's interest which may attempt them to click it, browse the site and would see the full content of inordinate scene which were not suitable for children.

That scenario must be given thorough consideration in view of giving counsel to our parents who delighted their children's moral interest. Not at all times that we should allow our kids to use computers by themselves or we may become so lenient to spend whole lots of time where they found leisure on the site board.

The children's thoughts were so simple as they might view the superficial things such those fantasies as though belong to the real world. It's so true because there are kids who were exposed to horror films and yet developed fear and frightening moments especially when they're alone due to their imaginations they got from the horror scenes. Such developing fear resulting the kids mental trouble has brought mental thought damaged or moral deformity and corruption due to misguidance.

Often children would discuss and share it among nearest friends what they saw from site about those scenes that enhanced their interest. Sometimes, those misguided children contribute the cause of bad influence among other kids who were closely supervised by their parents. Thus, transmitting information out of bad influence may lead to create our kids unbecoming conduct.

Parents are always leading in the true formation and character development of children. They were those who mold for good quality behaviors so that their influence may also contribute great significant impact in their community social interaction. We must be all aware that although computers had great positive impact in search for information, 50% of it has also negative impact which is the detrimental factor to ruin your kid's better future.

Millions of people around the world including children had been addicted to computers and other forms of information technology. Gaming, chatting, and videoing from different social media were those kids activities they had spent for fun and leisure.

It is so dangerous and critical when our kids' simple minds are framed by the shadow of evil results brought by the misguided information technology. As concerned parent of your child, there's such a pure desire how your kids are enhanced with good values which have more developed personalities for the kids to grow with good conduct, maturity, sincerity, and being bound by the responsibility in performing their roles and duties in the community.

Let parents be aware that kids spending quality time with them are cheated by the kids momentous experience and adventure in their everyday exposure to the computers. Some kids might not be interested to spend more time with their parents because their world and affection is already associated to the meaningful experiences they had got on board.

Your kids' too much attachments to the board had developed a moral gravity of pulling their love and attention with far distance from their parents' bonding moments. Many parents prefer to just allow their kids to spend majority of time in the computer to excuse themselves from their role of giving counsel and guidance to their kids.

Sometimes, too much exposure to computer would create bodily weakness which is tantamount to laziness and excuse of responsibilities. Through computers, some household skills of your kids will be missed and we knew how essential such when they grow up. Some kids especially those parents who are well-off and had housemaids who took responsibility in the household chores would not obtain skills how to become helpers in their own house. Kid's must be given involvement in other household activities to increase their skills in expressing their art of doing things. It also uphold good formation of habit to not only rely in other's effort.

Our kids responsibility in doing different activities would create an analytical mind experience in showing an applaud artistic performance with good behavioral development. Although there are many ways that our creativity and skills would be developed in using computer, but there's no other method of which good characters are thoroughly developed with actual performance and doing things.

Spending lots of time in computer will bring a diminishing moral standards and achievements. Have you not noticed that it may also destroy their school performance? Kids often forget their homework because their minds are fully occupied with the enjoyment and happiness brought by computer amusements.

Parents' continuing concern towards their kids' use of computer is a wise effort in our IT modern era. Parents must lead in the development of their quality behaviors. Consistent supervision and close monitoring to kids' computer activities are very essential in developing quality behaviors as desired by all.

Every parent had longed how their kids shall obtain desirable traits and good characters. Parents must intend to create an opportunity in the most practical way for kids to develop their innate abilities and strengths in the field they would wish to concentrate. It's through the best of efforts where they should gain meaningful experiences in life. However, when they're always motivated through the time solely spent for computers, then there are insignificant behaviors characterizing bad influence which parents must suffer for their kids.

Nowadays, we must start to look after the welfare of our kids in their daily exposure to PC and mobile phones. Their affairs in life must not been totally dependent on it. Millions of people and children are now suffering the bad effects of computer technology most especially those who were drowned by too much addiction of games and pornography. Many abused activities which were results of computers.

It's our delight to enhance the society to limit our kids' use of computer. In the public schools, this information is suitable to guide the students to not always be dependent in using computers through which 50% of it has corresponding negative effects affecting their moral values.

We must occasionally peep on the computer board while our kids had fun in their game. Limit the time he would use his computer. Give him other household task if you want his all time spent for computer to be minimized. Provide them time to be together to play around and sometimes share laughter. Always remind them that computer has many negative effects if not use it properly.

Parents also might take extra care in using the computer. Try not to use activities which might attempt your kids to emulate when you allow them to consistently view it. Don't ignore when in your supervision you catch your kids' activities in violation of your instruction. Set warning and punishment to them to remind that you are so serious in those bad activities which could destroy their moral behavior and sound thinking.

Besides, our starting campaign would also teach others how to keep good behavior through parents' worthwhile actions and parental guidance along with the meaningful activities which are delightful and something more meaningful compared to computer games and other for of social media leisure for fun and enjoyment.

Some busy parents allow their kids to play around in their computer the whole day. It's as though they found an excuse to do their parental roles at home. You must think and evaluate at times which one do you prefer. Kids are also our number one concern as parents. We shall give them the best possible memory where their lives and characters are built upon the foundation not in accordance to the fake system of obtaining joy and happiness.

Let children be filled by our love with much time to spend to mingle and share thoughts in the most actual and conversant happenings. Spending time with children had chances for parents to see their errors on both words and deeds.

Without the parents peeping around the board, the children would think that such unbecoming action is something tolerable in the real world. We knew there are more sensitive character formation that every parent must discover in our time.

Have you not noticed that there are standard values in our time which are gone as though things which are not allowed before are something had been tolerated in our times? Let's be serious in giving good guidance to our kids especially in using computer.

When you truly loved them and had shown deep affection for the good of their future, then mobilize your time and resources which will provide good benefits to your children. Let them see the realities of our world doing good services and abide the system of right conduct as a general standard set for all responsible citizens in the community.

Good guidance will truly create a wholesome development of your kids.

Set Parental Computer Guidance

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