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Updated on August 1, 2015


Every human has a degree of infidelity hidden in him or her. The ability to admire or fallen in love is a natural reflection of this tendency. While some are quick to reframe their mind many allow their heart the luxury of the accruing fantasy. Different people cheat for various reasons but one thing we are all aware of is that no reason whatsoever is justified for this unholy act. So to remain faithful we are to do the following:

Have an absolute fear for God: we live in a generation that knows God but fears him not. Fearing God and his ability to condemn man for all eternity is pivotal to remaining faithful to our spouses.

Marry your lover: ensure you are married to the one you love the most by all your personal standard and aspirations. It is better not to be married than marrying for the sake of getting married. Even if your supposed first love and dream partner disappoints you should never take on another for the sake of consolation just be sure you are married. Marriage is not a relationship but a commitment. Many couples today are in a relationship but not married.

Be married by your lover: Marrying some who did not absolutely love you for who you are not is a disaster in the making. Many a times people are married to a person for all they are alone not what they are not and which they might notice or want later in their marriage, this often lead to regret and unfaithfulness.

Be married to an adult not a grown up: the difference between an adult and a grown up is in their mind and will power. The grown up has an accumulation of age while the adult has maturity. I could marry an adult of ages ten but turn down a grown up of forty. Adults are matured in mind, insightful, and any other thing you could think of in terms of character. Grown-ups are babies with several numbers of years with no credit to it. These persons are ever childish no matter the degree of exposure. They lack personal will, strength and courage even in managing their home front. They are driven by external influences not on personal convictions.

Never live on suspicion: many faithful spouses have deviated because one of the partner is suspicious of the other. Learn to understand that you are married to this person because he/she agreed to thereby living all other persons to be with you. He/she might have one or two past learn to bury them.

Be married for freedom: it is like hell being married into bondage. Marriage is freedom and opportunity to express yourself. Before going into marriage ensure your dreamed freedom would not be strangulated. Marriage is a means of expressing one’s self without fear of intimidation or molestation. Never go into a marriage where your freedom is tempered with but where it could be evaluated and guided.

Marriage is the ultimate price: Never get married unless you are sure and willing to pay the supreme price of love and commitment. Marriage is not a picnic but an investment without limits.

Marriage is a business for the stupid but wise ones: If you are not stupid you can’t be married. The only successful couples today are the stupid ones because it requires a lot of wisdom to be stupid in a marriage, because in every progressive marriage you need to take more nonsenses than senses to make it work.

Know your partners need: it is only fools that do not master their partner needs. Winning your spouse’s heart is mastering his/her needs and body languages. It is wrong to fame or appear insensitive, always be on the top of your game. Like a good investor could predict the trend of the deals using some societal factors so should spouses be. No business is better than a successful marriage.

Sex in marriage: this is non-negotiable. Let it be as often as it is needed by your partner not at your own volition.

Respect is the principal thing in a marriage: Love is respect in action as care is kindness in motion. You might care and not love. Many cheat on their spouses today because they do not love them and definitely would not respect them. The only thing that can make you respect your partner is not fear but love.


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