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Updated on May 6, 2011


So  you want to sell your house. It is a situation we all face at some time and most of us, without further ado, find an Estate Agent/ Realtor ,to do the job for us. Of course nothing comes for free and he creams of a good percentage from the final price. A brief haggle over that percentage is as far as most of us go  at the outset.

But what do we get for that not unsubstantial sum? Basically, the agent measures and assesses the property, links a price to others of similar quality and location, takes pictures, produces copy and a brochure to distribute and put on the web.Then, they await calls from potential buyers, some of whom they will have directly contacted as they are already on their books,They then arrange viewing and ultimately, pass on offers to you, the vendor. Job all but done ,as you then need to have your legal team {another weighty fee}, deal with the intricacies and deal with most queries and surveys. Finally if all goes to plan, contracts are exchanged, the deal sealed and finance lodged at the agreed date and you can write a final line under it. Do not forget the commission due to your fine Estate Agent though!


Currently, and forget the hype, we are in a Buyers Market. That means that what you get for your house will be less than you maybe thought but at the other end the one you are buying is subject to like conditions. Even allowing for that more and more people are looking to cut out the middleman and do it for themselves.That so many are succeeding, should give heart to those wishing so to do but afraid to take what they see as a risk. Help is available however, and it is not difficult to source and plot your way through. Just such an example of expert help can be seen on the link below. The savings to be made on an Estate Agent"s Commission are enormous!Thus, at this time, anyone with the most basic of intelligence should seriously consider going alone into the marketplace.

Benefits in the Current Market.

As we have said it is a buyers market, so you need to be able to make every penny count.By taking charge of the marketing and sales process you have hands on control which can be vital at key moments. A willing seller needs a willing buyer, by dealing directly, but actually following laid out steps that have worked for others and stood the test of time, you are in pole position to achieve that for yourself.

Relatives of ours chose NOT to go it alone! Currently having sold their flat and agreed to buy another house using Estate Agents, they are now camping at our home. Reason? Estate Agent urged them to move out not to lose their agreed sale. No problem till Agent then rang to say that the vendor of their new property could not move out as planned as her new property deal had floundered. Since then absolutely no further assistance from the Agents and so they have to look elsewhere whilst they live here in two rooms with their furniture in our Garage and at other relatives.

 Could they have done WORSE without an Agent? I think not. Next time they will be prepared ,having studied the simple steps to take themselves, and thus, control their own affairs.The President  told the American people in World War Two, "The only thing you have to fear is fear itself" Selling your house is not warfare and so what is there to fear at all by giving it a go and flying solo?



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