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Can We Take Parenting Advice from Those Who Do Not Have Children?

Updated on October 26, 2016

You may be reluctant to take advice from those women who do not have kids, regardless of how much intelligent and bright they are. Even if they come out with suggestions though you have not asked for any, you can feel the pain in their words. Nevertheless, your reluctance to seek advice from them may refuse to leave you.

Though the saying is "it takes a village to raise a child", you may choose all the women except those who do not have kids, while seeking advice. You may ignore the fact that these women may be very good at conflict resolution and they love kids as much as you or others do. Apart from being more patient than everyone including you and others who have children, these women may firmly believe that they also have a stake in building the future of a good society. Unfortunately, you shut them out of parenting conversations of all types just because they have not had kids.

You must remember that these women can bring fresh perspectives to the issues you face as a parent. Perhaps, this is because they need not be judgmental while viewing things. Not only that, they do not invoke what is called 'the subjunctive mood' according to English grammar. They do not assume that they know everything about parenting and this is very much unlike many parents. That is why their advice is genuine.

In short, child-free people and more particularly, women can offer very wise suggestions and it is a shame if you are reluctant to involve them in conversations pertaining to parenting.


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