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Can we all be "a great mom"?

Updated on November 13, 2017



Are We A Great Mom?

It sounds like a lot of work to be a great mom. You already do so much and yet you still feel that you have not done enough, you have done it right or that you have not fulfill the profile of a great mom.

It doesn't mean that you have to keep yourself fully busy and having your calender full of things to do to be a great mom. God wants us all mothers to do our duty as a mother and yet peaceful, no weary and burdened at all. Don't feel that there is something is going wrong, incomplete just because you have a minute of empty time. Don't feel down because you have nothing to do, not busy planning or doing something. You could take this time for a quality time for yourself, like take a walk take some fresh air, read a book or even watch TV. Thanking God that you even have time for yourself. So you can recharge yourself with a clear, happy and healthy spiritual, in order to be fully function for the whole family.

Look into the present and the future of your children. Fully enjoy your relationship with your kids. Don't be stressed out to make things perfect or better, it will only rob your special moment and relationship that you have with your kids. Don't spoil their life with something to do about your past, like being convince that you will give them a better life that you had, so you think it is fine that you are always spoiling your kids. Remember that your past is gone and your kids are your present that needs a future.

Your children don't need a mother who is a martyr. Take your time to rejuvenate your self so you will function better as a mom, a happy mom.

As long as you love your children and provide all their basic needs, your children will be fine. of course above that all they need a lot of your patient, which actually comes naturaly as you became a mother.

Do You Listen To Your Children Well?

Often you think that you know more than your children and not willing to listen to your children, you need to keep trying to listen to your children. They often not needing you as a problem solver yet they only need you just to listen to them. Yesterday, back from school, my 11 year old daughter told me about her problem with her classmate, I was showing her that I was fully available to listen to her problem and told her to tell her friend what she really wants to tell her and not to be reluctant to say her emotion. My daughter then gave me a kiss and said "Thanks mom for listening to me, and yes I will talk to my friend tomorrow first thing at school". In this case here, I was not giving advice of what to tell to her friend or giving a judgment to the situation. I was fully showing her that she can manage the situation apart that I was all the way listening to her.

You can't be just being your children's friend, you should set limits. Nowadays we all being democratic in our family, we make the decision together, but our kids still need and want us to be their parents to set clear limits at the same time we listen to them and respect them. Teaching them self esteem, by showing them that you value them, spending time with them, and talking with them. Children with high self esteem are most likely able to reach in their full potential of life. Teaching them self reliant, by giving your children the opportunity in helping themselves. Teach them independence and let them do what they can do. And being able to know what is appropriate for them to do by themselves. It is very important for your children to feel the sense of accomplishment that comes with being independent.

To all great moms in the world, please remember to relax, laugh and have fun with your children.


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