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Career Woman To Home Maker

Updated on July 21, 2016

It's Hard To Adjust

I have to admit, after being a career woman, single, living alone, doing what I pleased, it wasn't easy getting married and having to become a home maker.

I went from reading the New York Times, to reading the local supermarket flyers for items on sale for the household. I went from reading Search Engine Marketing Watch, to Save-A-Lot. I couldn't wait to see what BOGOs were happening at publix, or winn dixie. My reading consisted of grocery store flyers.

I was literally screaming inside HELP! I'm losing my skills and my understanding of the ever changing digital world.

There are no rules or instructions that prepare you for moving from a career woman to getting married and becoming a home maker. It's very hard to adjust.

Losing Myself

After days and days upon weeks and months of washing dishes, doing loads upon loads of laundry, cleaning the house, killing pests, making sure everyone has all the food & drink they like, making interesting diners every night, moving more and more away from the things I like to do, I felt like I was losing myself.

I think many of my arguments with my husband was the fight to reject this title of home maker. I yelled at him once, "I didn't get a degree to be a maid and nanny". My poor husband. I had to learn to still be myself in the midst of this new life I was leading. I gave up my career for myself and my family.

That's Your Job

As I struggled with my decision, I was reminded by my mother that this is my job. I wanted this, I signed up for this, so I should embrace it.

I'm a little stubborn, so it still took me a while to realize that she was right. This is what I wanted. Be careful what you wish for you may think.

Visiting Family Turned On My Lightbulb

After a family trip and watching a family member in the same situation. I learned that I'm being a brat and selfish. My family member takes care of her home for her husband, and she was a career business woman who owned a tax company at one point. She wakes up in the morning to make her husband coffee and sees him off for work. She told me since she's unemployed right now from the outside world, her job is at home. Her husband is going out to work and take care of a household financially and it's her job to make it comfortable at home.

I guess in my college studies of feminism, I cringe at the thought of this, but as a woman who wanted to get married, I can see her point.

I decided what I would do.

I will be Superwoman

I decided what I would do, I would become Super Woman. After all she's one of my many favorite DC comic heroes.

I decided why give up anything. Yes I wanted my career, yes I wanted to get married, and yes I wanted a kid and boy oh boy, I did get what I wanted!

I decided I will be that home maker and I will get my career digital marketing back into gear. I would do all the things I wanted to do and enjoy. Don't get me wrong with the minor complaints, I enjoy doing things for my family, cooking, getting them anything they want to put a smile on their faces. And I also want to continue my love for digital advertising.

I decided I will be superwoman, and I will start my own part time digital social media marketing business, while I also help my husband with his business's marketing & sales, and continue being the home maker that I am.

Homemaker Career

Did you give up your career to become a home maker?

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