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Caring for a Baby's Curly Hair

Updated on October 10, 2011
Caring for a Baby's Curly Hair
Caring for a Baby's Curly Hair | Source

Have you ever seen a baby or toddler with super curly hair? This look is so cute on infants and young children, but it can be hard for parents to manage the tangles and mess that can come with curly hair in babies. My son was born with a full head of thick hair, which became progressively more curly and hard to style. Most days, now, I am able to style his hair and leave it looking cute - instead of looking like an unruly mess.

The first step in caring for his hair is using a gentle, natural baby shampoo. The few times that I've had to use popular products such as Johnson's shampoo, his hair has dried frizzy and hard to brush. Using minimal amounts of chemicals in his hair helps to prevent knots, while products that contain ingredients like chamomile help to nourish his hair and keep it soft.

Next, I recommend a gentle conditioner made for kids. It is hard to find a conditioner made for babies, so shopping in the kids' section is okay. Some products are labeled as "detangling" conditioners, but I think that most products do the trick well. I personally like Jason Natural Kids Only! daily detangling conditioner. This product smells like candy, and goes so well with Burt's Bees baby shampoo and body wash. It is okay to rinse the conditioner out of the baby's hair immediately, but I prefer to leave it in for about a minute before rinsing. It helps to run a comb through baby's hair while the conditioner is in it.

Right after rinsing, comb the child's hair again. You can then either towel-dry it or leave it to air dry. I wouldn't recommend using a hair dryer on a baby, much less on a young child with curly hair. If you towel dry, make sure to use the comb once more afterward. Some people might want to use a detangling spray at this point, but I find that the conditioner does the trick.

Curly Haired Baby
Curly Haired Baby | Source

The last thing that I can recommend is brushing your child's hair first thing in the morning. It's easy for curly hair to get tangled, often in the back where the infant's head is normally resting in high chairs, car seats and on the crib mattress. If his hair looks frizzy after brushing, try brushing it with a wet hair brush instead. The water will help to bring the curls back to life, leaving his hair looking as though it is freshly washed.

You shouldn't have to cut your child's hair off just because it's curly. Curls don't have to equal messy or fizzy, and they can continue to grow while looking cute if you take extra special care of them.


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