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Caring for Elderly or Aging Parents

Updated on March 4, 2013

Nowadays Elder people are considered as liability for a family this is due to the declining
family size, another reason can be that today’s women’s are educated and have a need to work outside. These alterations were seen in western countries, but are now influencing Asian countries as well.

Sadly aging people require extra care as they are unable to do their own work and require help which today’s generation are not able to provide. The result is the children’s of these elderly people are unable to help them due to lack of time and interest. Nobody wants to dwell with these elderly people and take care of their ill and handicapped parents. Few keep a care taker for them and few consider them as liability and put them in elders home.

The aged people are treasured people. Usually people think that caring for elderly people is a great challenge and they think that nursing homes and elder’s home can take better care of them, but it is not true. If you give some afford, you too can care for them and you could be much better then the elder’s home as they would receive love and care from their own people which is a great deal for them. After all, they are the one who provided life and better standard of living to us. They require attention, they want love and affection. They can be a good story teller to your kid, they can teach good manners and morals to your children’s.

Always share your thoughts with your parents and make them feel that you are there to support them and solve their problems. Respect their decisions and make an effort to see to it that their wishes are fulfilled whenever possible. You need to take care of their medicine as they are more prone to be affected with diseases due to low immune systems. Become a good listener to them as they need someone to listen to their pain and worry. If possible try to keep a nurse or a full time servant to care for them and do their daily activity in your absence.


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