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Casey Anthony: Judge and Be Judged

Updated on July 24, 2011

Accident or Intent who are we to Judge?

The world may never know the truth about what really happened to Casey Anthony’s daughter but it is not our place to judge what should or should not happen to her life no more than any one else’s life. That is up to God, we can say what we may or may not do in certain situations but we have no real way of knowing how we may react until we are faced with it.

She was tried and the court system worked in her favor, what would be said if in fact she had reported the child’s death as an accident in the beginning and still found herself on trial because no one believed it was really an accident.

The point I want to make is why would anyone want to ruin their own lives by threaten the life of someone who may already be doomed. No one really gets away with crimes and wrong doings against the innocent. God always takes care of the innocent and maybe he has a suffering of a different kind for Casey maybe jail is not punishment enough if she is in fact guilty of wrong doing to her daughter.

In jail no one is whispering, pointing and looking at her like she has a scarlet M on her chest but upon her immediate release from jail she is confined into hiding because of death threats. That says a lot about the American citizens who act as if inmates are animals. When will everyone learn to stop putting themselves in harms way by judging the actions of others?

I try to put myself in Casey’s shoes wondering what could she have been doing when her daughter was drowning in the pool… could it have been one of those days were your 2-5 year old son or daughter is preoccupied with going swimming today and you have told them several time that they will swim after lunch. You send them to their room while you try to clean the house and get your chorus done, you begin to vacuum the house, meanwhile the child has somehow gotten out back. You never realized they were now tall enough to reach the door knob. As you begin to wash the dish you notice the quietness and go to check on your son or daughter their room is empty, you began to call out to them as you walk threw the house, upon entering the kitchen you notice the back door open, your heart starts to pound hard and heavy, you see the pool and something floating in the water and your stomach flips inside out as you see your baby floating face down in the pool.

First reaction is to pull them from the water and try to do CPR but when they do not respond is there anything else going through your mind other than calling 911?

There would not be for me but then again I am not a party mom, I did not want to have an abortion before being made to have my baby, no one is constantly judging what kind of mother I am, I have a BS degree in Science, I work, and I have a long history of showing responsibility and sound judgment. I make sure they eat their vegetables, brush their teeth three times a day, taught them their ABC, and good manners. I am a good mother it was just an accident.

It still would not matter because the World would Judge me too.

Thanks for Listening,


Let he who is without sin cast the first stone

Have you been judged? or Do you do the judging?

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Bible on Judgment


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