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Why Change the way nursing moms feed their babies

Updated on February 6, 2016
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I am 50 years old and the mother of 4 wonderful grown men. With 8 grandchildren and a life that is just getting started. I love writing!

Breastfeeding the new way!

New way of nursing.

Hello readers,

I am a mother of four grown men and eight grand babies. Recently I became a great aunt for the first time and I must say it is the greatest. This new baby has prompted me to write again. My niece was taught to nurse using a pillow. I personally was taught to pull it out from under the shirt and let the baby go at it.

I noticed that several women are having problems with their babies latching, in the first few weeks of all things. But the women who are doing it the old way are having no problem. Why did we change this anyhow? Bottles are alright if that is what the parents want, but what about the new mom feeling unloved because the baby isn't getting it.

I said that because I remember with my youngest son I had to quit nursing because my breast were in excessive pain. I suddenly felt like a bad mom. I felt like my baby didn't love me anymore, and I felt like a quitter. These feelings fashioned my life for many years.

I hope that if a pediatrician reads this article they can shed some light on why we nurse a baby in the new way.

Nursing is the best time to bond with our babies and if the one way worked and the other takes days to began working why did we change it? My concern is how the baby is sort of starving for the first few weeks, how mom and baby aren't bonding appropriately and how these two things will affect both baby and mom in the long run.


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