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Changing Child Behaviour - How To Manage Your Kids Behaviour

Updated on April 17, 2013
Is This Your Child?
Is This Your Child?
Maybe This Is Your Child!
Maybe This Is Your Child!

How I Learned To Manage My Child's Changing Behaviour!

It is a normal part of everyday life for parents to have to manage changing child behaviour. Whether your child is just suffering from a few growing pains or whether he or she is having trouble at kindergarten or school, it is important for YOU (the parent) to be super supportive of your children at all times - Good and Bad!

Understanding some of the key reasons why a child's behaviour may change is also important, so if you have the time to do a little reading today - Grab yourself a cup of coffee and settle yourself into a nice comfortable chair.

My Child's Changing Behaviour Is Driving Me Nuts!

I am the father of three kids, 2 boys and a baby girl. My eldest son now 8 years old was an extreme handful at ages two and three - often throwing tantrums, shouting at his mother and myself and refusing to do anything at all was a regular part of his daily routine.

Let me tell you, though - My eldest son's behaviour during his toddling days was NOTHING compared to what we are currently experiencing with our second son, NOW 2 years and 10 months.

He is a real little trooper in more ways than one. He often disappears on us when we go shopping and one time he actually even navigated his way across a busy car park and set up camp in the toy store on the other side. Not bad for a two year old, I guess. But I and his mother were going crazy thinking that he had been abducted or something. We are glad that wasn't the case.

Aside from his disappearing, he is an absolute monster at the dinner table - throwing food across the table at his brother and throwing anything that he doesn't like on the floor. He will consistently play with his food and try to take anything he identifies as being delicious from our plates. This behaviour is not good and we have reached a stage where one of us, either myself or my wife can't eat our dinner because we are patrolling his bad behaviour. 

Hooray For Us!
Hooray For Us!

Changing Child Behaviour Help!

We have recently reached a stage where we decided to try and find some kind of help for our 2 year old and his changing behaviour.

Fortunately for us we were lucky to find a great resource on the internet that has armed us with some very useful techniques and strategies that we now use to deal with his bad behaviour. 

We have learned that a 2 year old still doesn't or isn't able to understand things when explained in a lengthy manner and by using the strategies that this resource includes we have been able to change our parenting style to suit our 2 year old.

It has been almost a month since we started using the guide, and we are happy to say that it has been almost two weeks since he has disappeared on us whilst out shopping.. Hooray!! 

Let's Hear About Your Changing Child's Behaviour

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    • profile image

      jo 7 years ago


      I think you are brave for sharing your information. It is good that you are finding techniques and strategies online.

      Regards, Jo

      P.S. you might want to google search

      A Guide to Understanding Children. I have a 4 part blog there with some info about kids and why they behave the way they do. Best wishes.