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Changing your children from Left handed to Right handed – Is it really needed? How could it affect their future?

Updated on March 1, 2015


Are you the type of person who considers using left hand as disrespectful? Are you the type of person who had been looked down because of using left hand? Are you the type of person who ever wondered the hardships the left handed people face in their life? Your answer is yes? Then make sure to read this blog to get a clear insight.

1.An Introduction – View about left hand

I’m not sure about other countries, but as far as I have seen there’s an absolute ‘No – No ‘for being left handed around India and Sri Lanka.


- It’s disrespectful

- it’s used for other purposes , Ex - bodily hygiene

2. Why I think it’s absolutely ridiculous:

- It isn’t disrespectful. Both the hands are same. You cannot simply categorize using Right hand as respectful whilst using left hand as disrespectful. How could you do that? Your views are based on what?

- Now the second one, this is the most biased thing I have heard. The left hand is used for bodily hygiene and hence people are not supposed to shake hands or eat with their left hand. in that case, I just have the following questions:

  • Won’t your hands touch together when you pray? Is it acceptable then?
  • Won’t you use both your hands while cutting vegetables or peeling fruits? And you are ok with it now?
  • Won’t you put a tiny amount of gravy or curry on your left hand and lick it to taste the flavor? Does it taste bad then?

I have been having these questions for a long time and still the elders are like – ‘you know nothing, using left hand is disrespectful’.

3. My advice

Don’t follow what others say. If you are comfortable with left hand, use the left hand. Maybe to respect your elders, you could consider using right hand for hand shake or to eat.

4 My personal Experience

I’m a left handed by birth. My family is from around the parts where using left hand is considered as disrespectful. So, like every other family they tried to change it. What happened? Frightened about the scolding, I started using right hand around others and left hand when I’m alone.

I remember this particular incident where I was having food with right hand and when my mom left me alone, I started using left hand. If I get the sensation that someone is coming I would again change to right hand. At the end I had food with both the hands.

This continued for a while, but later after continuous nagging and scolding I started using right hand on a regular basis.

5. How it affected me

All was well, until I got this particular feel that I’m not a confident person. While looking back I have always been a shy person on the outside. I also have this constant fear around me. Particularly, what others would think about me? What If I Fail? What if others misunderstand me?

I don’t know why I started developing these fears! May be due to my childhood scolding, when my family scolded saying what other would say if they see you using right hand? I’m not 100 % sure, but I think it had been the root cause.

I still fear taking decisions. I find myself unable to take correct decisions; I suffer the lack of self confidence.

The above could happen to your children. Hence I strongly advice the parents to let the children be themselves. Don’t push them. Allow them to take decisions of their own.

Children are not toys and you cannot make them into what they are not! It would seem as a simple thing to you, your question - why not right hand?

But, it would affect the children’s future; it would ruin their self confidence.

6. How to overcome

Having these self doubts and losing my originality made me understand few things in my early teenage. I started to learn to write with left hand. I started doing little little things with left hand and now I cannot say I’m ambidextrous , but I can manage with left hand.

Apart from studies I started learning additional activities and now I find myself multi talented. In addition to completing my studies with good grades I also find myself excel in other activities such as writing, craft works, sports, etc. I’m also coming out of my shell.

If you have been forced to change from left hand, don’t feel bad. Try with little things, for example start writing alphabets first, move onto words and I’m sure you could manage and excel in life.

Be unique!


Have you ever had hardships because of being Left Handed?

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