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Chaos in the chaotic nature or order and that chaos is that as well

Updated on April 30, 2016


Every wonder?

Why parents want order in the chaotic confusion of neuro-networking in the fast developing minds of creators and future life? That most would be in the states in which life would find them, that is the chaos of creation and then know what free will and choices do, even genetic programming is a choice to think and then why would you teach a child to be an adult when they know child work?

That is the damnation of chaos even in ordered lives and laws, their is always suffering and always longing for the meaning, that they would long in absence was the truth and to hide the truths from them is the fear that they have in their lives like I had said once. That they can walk and see the chaos is them they the answers their presence means. I guess then they are the cause of the presence of their prelifed creation, and event to the living they were believed into, apologies them that see have not or have, no harm in chaos. Had they learned the first thousands of worlds they would have never known their brothers, nor sisters worlds.

I would have seen that they that have hell to make, would be in their chaos yet the ordered would not know that they lived it in choice their whole life and that they are the meaning of chaos in their lives. Nothing can compare to the judged lives of lives never lived in the totality of their meaning, be a judge or not. You choice land home, them it is not my heart for I would have told a child to feel and their is not much of that in all the meanings that projected from senses I would feel around in the physical laws of nature made real in the nothing it was before creation. They had in them life coveted, killed, and been the things they were and I damn them to constant organism, in this life to life and they would see life in all life where ever they walked, even the dead that never were in for their was no loss, just potentials of art and memory. They do get seen in the future cultivars of development, yet monkeys and trees can only teach temple rats and Thebes about the physical, nothing makes a spirit more than heart and magic of the mind.

How do you blame 25,000 years ago for never seeing it? How do you judge a painting lost in a fire, unless you see it made real again in the minds of another painting? Have fun figuring that out, the judged painting anew. Having glimpses of the lives of lived loves and times, then you see their is context to the lives and history never written and never read, then in the walking sit in your standing sighted life and sense the lay on the floor, beyond your years of procreation.

I could lay this body down in the rumble of the lives of all the universe and energies that felled on dead worlds, like friends that were in lust of their education and projected life. Had this made since, I think some of one's own people damn them for the morality they pray, and then know they hold the hearts of better men in their hands, for judges often wear a robe of ignorance to the heart. I have no family anymore, they damned them all to their Gods, and they are free of them all. It is their truth and be your damnation. You never knew the whole movie of life and I refuse to sit and pay, yet I do all the time with sights and sounds and energy real, just to waste my soul on the matter of the physical. Had I not never loved then I would be as hurt as the chaos of love. They have their hands shamed and lives to think eternity.

Be damned as damned a label is, then be as they were once in the meaning before time was created and fly to the imagination of thoughts and love, dancing like the flowers of the wild flowers and they would welcome any hotel to see the flowers and life in all worlds, like mine. We are all the one and fractured pieces of time, through one being in many spheres of knowledge. That I am everywhere is not important, that I am in a chair or movement is they that would have sung the dancers tune just to see, be free. I am not they that sit in proxy to their ugliness, and my words are poison to the mind, for you think and I was damned to think my whole lives. Think about thought being not of the physical, yet of a sum of all. things being.

That one says "You are living or singing my life." Is their life, they think they have walked the shadows and lives of each other, no. They have lived their own lives and walked their path, not that a path is better than the next. I would in mine be mine and bless the hatred out of the meaning, forgive all, and thank them for the hurts they inflicted on mine and I theirs, for it bred the struggle that made the dance a walk and tempo mine own. That there are others who in that tempo dance is theirs, not mine though I as I am mine own man would walk, walk the walks I would and be the walk that they would know in my life.

They have judges hands and I have heart fingers, never to touch them again. Love killed most of my life. I ran to it, flew to it, drove to it and it was the drug of life, not Heroin, Alcohol, or Meth. I did that in the company of pain, for life was then not of the same matter. It never helped and I learned, you get the Hell they damned to and I am not them, then know what judgment does. Have lust then see it gone and see the ugliness that life you sit in absence came from lust. Some so shamed my life that they shamed most of creation and pray they are the chaos they were for doing it and forgiven.

That they lived chaos as a potato was creation, and as a stone or a tree, chaos too for they had not any karmic hell to manage save in what they created. Mine was better, then they damned me. Mine was you never know what matter you return and you karma your life as you live your beliefs in walking and life, then in hands of nature you would pass, even in the feces you left on the way to see yourself in pieces many or in hungry bellies with reincarnated life to tables set. Be the life that they damned all my beliefs to for you earned your damning and then you know that chaos would just sit and write about the meaning it has in the book I will carry and feces out of this body along the way. That I speak to trees in rooted soil is theirs to speak one day when someone sees beauty or smells scents and has an idea, that the branches look like and the leaves like, be ideas that are of chaos and know the silent mind is an affront to creation, for trying creates the atmosphere of your choices.\

Choices in chaos, try and guess what chaos is without choices or what life choice is to chaos be in creation and know the damnation of all matter into the physical bonds of life. You would never escape my strangle hold on matter, nor the chaos of the meaning more subtle. You will never know that meaning either, unless like subtle beings you would be wise, then know it is not of the worlds of all creation for they are in creation and in the stages of being what times they know in that created chaos. A friend said he was not a hand of chaos, then he knew his role in chaos. Had he said other wise he would have been in another being state, and that is the trap of chaos, all creation even in spirit of the none physical. Ask next time and you may avoid an Eternity with no death, and no end. I could have picked a coordinate in space and yet I did with spirit of everything planet wise.

Thanks for all the spherical knowledge of all directions in any system and universe for light always touches them all in the same times measured. That one day will be the two lane highway meaning of another intention.

I would say love:love and yet I am not a twin, nor do I play tennis. I am not even a paid actor yet I breath, so it gave me something in money life, had the meaning of another light fell on stone then a lady alone would bleed on a solitude planet and eventual be whole again, elsewhere, and her name was never known for it was before algae, or buried life under the frost of the Universe. The chaos of a mind in development can be earth shattering or destroyed by parents who fight about what a 4 year old is not, not a 20 year old.


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