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Chapters of My Childhood 2: Age 2-5

Updated on October 6, 2009

Dee Dee Meets Her Biological Family

We drove awhile and stopped at yet another house. This time, I got to get out and stand by the curb while the strange man got my sister, Sarah, out of the car. I was looking at a one-story house with a large stone porch. All of a sudden, the door flew open and all these kids ran out! Tons of them! All different ages! One of the girls picked me up and held me high in the air, swinging me around with joy! I found out all these kids were my brothers and sisters. There was my oldest sister Barbie, a sister Victoria, a sister Shelly, a sister Trina and another sister, Reba. I also had two brothers, the oldest was Grant and the younger one was Sean. Sean was two years older than me. I guess Sarah was 11 months younger than me. She was the baby.

Then, I met my Dad. His name was Richard. He was really tall and looked kinda old. He seemed nice and had his favorite drink called Coors. I got to meet his parents, too. My grandparents’ names were Nelly and Roger. Grandma Nelly had the brightest red hair! Grandpa Roger was missing a few teeth. I wondered if I had a Mom, too, but she wasn’t anywhere to be found. Dad had a dog named Queenie. His ears flopped all the way to the ground and he sure did slobber a lot!

The little house had three bedrooms, one bathroom, a small kitchen with a little laundry room off of it (had some sort of rolling thing on the washer), a dining room that had a bed in it, and of course, the living room where the TV was! The backyard had a barn that was really cool. There were chickens running around all over the place! Our neighbors even had a donkey in their yard!

I was frightened by these little bugs crawling all around the house, though. My brothers and sisters told me not to be afraid. They were just roaches and wouldn’t hurt me.

Dad would cook the best dinners, which I found out over time. He would make home-made chicken and dumplings, beef stew, short ribs and beans, fried chicken and mashed potatoes, all kinds of good stuff. I even tasted fried bologna with ketchup!

After dinner, Dad got out his banjo and played and sang for us. Grandma Nelly did a dance where she twisted all the way to the floor and back up again. She was kinda funny, ‘cause she always looked over the top of my head when she talked to me. I don’t think she could see very well.

We kids were all sharing the same room, including the bed in the dining room. There were two sets of bunk beds in our little room. Grandma Nelly and Grandpa Roger had the second room, and Dad had the third room.

Everything seemed like it would be okay…until the nighttime, after we kids went to bed. That’s when the noise started and got louder and louder. There was angry yelling outside my room. Dad and Grandpa Roger, I think. Sounded like something banged into the furniture, too. I just stayed quiet and tried to sleep. I was afraid to go out there.

The next morning, I saw owies on Grandpa Roger. Dad was okay, just drinking his Coors and watching TV. I wondered about this new home. Thank goodness for my brother, Sean. He was only 4, but somehow, I felt really glad he was there.

Thus begins the next chapter of my life.

(continued in Chapter 3: Age 2-5)


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