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Chapters of My Childhood 3: Age 2-5

Updated on October 6, 2009

Little Ones in the Neighborhood

Dad really loved those Coors. He also smoked all day long. Sarah, Sean and I played outside most of the time, so the smoke wasn’t a big deal. One time, I took a sip of Dad’s Coors while he was in the other room. It was really good. I liked it so much, I drank a few drinks. Yummy.

I remember one day, I went outside and saw the most beautiful flower on the side of our little house. I wanted it to become more beautiful, so I watered it and watered it…every day I’d water it. It really made me sad though, when it died.

I also remember, being so small, standing out in the street next to our curb. A car drove by so fast it made me spin around in dizziness, causing me to fall down!

We three little ones would roam the neighborhood during the daytime. Sometimes we’d go up to the local grocery store when Dad gave us his change and buy RC Colas, dill pickles, and candy. One day, I didn’t have any money so I took a soda and was going to sneak it out of the store. I’d been shaking it up while I walked toward the exit of the grocery store. I decided to open it just before leaving, and boy, that soda squirted up in the air and everywhere! I knew I was caught. The store man wasn’t so nice to me for trying to steal.

When we kids got hungry, we’d knock on the neighbors’ doors asking for food. We were given boxed cereal. We had to pick around the little bugs in the box, but we were really happy to get the cereal.

I remember a day there was a horrible accident up the street. This lady was in the driver’s seat, her car was smashed into a tree and there was broken glass and blood everywhere. I saw her; she looked like she was dead! It was so awful!

Good or bad, we liked to be out of the house during the daytime…away from Dad’s temper and 12 people living in that little house. But, every night after dinner, we did get to sing and dance in the living room. My big sisters and brothers loved to sing and play the guitar. I started singing with them. My big sisters said Sarah and I should go to church and sing for everyone. I didn’t know what church was, so I asked who God was. I was told He was a “big man in the sky”. I couldn’t wait to go to church!

(continued in Chapter 4: Age 2-5)


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