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Chapters of My Childhood 4: Age 2-5

Updated on October 6, 2009

Bright Life Turns Darker

That Sunday, we kids went to a little church not far from our little house. I just thought it was really strange, though, seeing people standing up in front of the sanctuary lifting their hands in the air, walking back and forth, speaking this really weird language ~ well, lots of languages that I didn’t understand. I got to meet the piano player, Mr. Randall. He was old, but was really nice.

My big sisters taught Sarah and me to sing a song called "He Set Me Free". Pretty soon, Sarah and I would stand up there by the piano while Mr. Randall played for us, singing that song. When we’d forget some of the words, we could always count on our sisters to be out there in the audience mouthing them to us! We sang that song almost every Sunday. It was really fun.

Eventually, we kids got to go over to Mr. Randall’s house to play with his kids. His son Adam was my brother Grant’s friend. Mr. Randall lived close enough to our house that I could walk home.

While church was such a positive experience, things were growing darker at home. Dad started inviting Mick over in the evenings and they would drink a lot of those Coors. One night when Dad was in another room, Mick started touching me in places I'd never been touched before. He was an ugly old man and I didn’t like it. When he came over the next time, I kept sticking my tongue out at him and blowing spit. Dad got really mad and took me out to the backyard and whipped me with his belt. I didn’t tell Dad what Mick had done to me. I was just really upset. I hated it when Mick kept coming over and I would just hide.

One time, Dad sent Sean and me over to Mick’s house for the day. Again, we stayed outside in the yard. I wanted to be away from Mick. Sean and I found a dead gopher outside. I don’t know now why we did this, but Sean got a sharp knife from Mick’s kitchen and we cut that gopher in half. Yuck.

Dad did have a nice friend, though. She was Dad’s girlfriend, I guess. Her name was Audrey. She had lots of kids, but the one I remember the most was Roger. He had the same name as my Grandpa. He was a mean little boy, though. He had a really bad temper, even worse than my Dad’s! He got so mad at me one day, he chased me with a butcher knife! I ran for my life! I climbed a chain link fence to get away from him and scraped my belly pretty badly. I remember playing “mommy” after I got that scratch, pretending it was a cut from having a baby.

Audrey had the cutest little dog. It was a Chihuahua. I’ll never forget the day, though, when Audrey was carrying in a load of laundry from the garage and her little dog was right in front of her feet. She couldn’t see him, so she accidentally stepped on him! He ended up dying that day from internal bleeding. We were all so sad.

Audrey also had rabbits in her backyard. I loved those rabbits! They ran all over the yard and I could play with them as much as I wanted. One day, though, I couldn’t find my Dad and asked Audrey where he was. She told me he was out in the garage. I ran through the backyard and opened the side door to the garage. What I saw was horrifying! All those bunnies were cut up and bloody, stacked in wheel barrels! Dad was butchering those rabbits!

Audrey and Dad told me that rabbits were for eating. Audrey was actually boiling one in the kitchen. I was really hungry and I didn’t want to eat rabbit. They told me it was really good. After awhile, I was starving and kept asking Audrey when we were going to eat. She got upset and took that rabbit out of the pot and plopped it on a plate in front of me. It wasn’t even done! That was kinda mean.

But, Audrey was the first person to let me taste coffee. That was YUMMY! She put milk and sugar in it for me. I decided I LOVED coffee!

(continued in Chapter 5: Age 2-5)


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    • Vladimir Uhri profile image

      Vladimir Uhri 

      9 years ago from HubPages, FB

      Thanks for sharing.


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