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Chapters of My Childhood 5: Age 2-5

Updated on October 6, 2009

Dee Dee Meets Her Mom

I have a few more memories of living with my biological family. Let’s start out with the memories of my sisters. Barbie was the oldest. She, I thought, was the prettiest of all the sisters. She had long, long, dark hair. I learned to braid her hair and loved to braid it as often as I could.

Reba became Sarah’s and my little “Mommy”, since we didn’t have one. She would take me one day and call me “her little girl”, and the next day, Sarah got to be “her little girl”.

Trina and Victoria sang at a local bar. They would dress up so pretty for their shows. I got to go watch them a few times. I remember Trina’s nickname was “Trina Flathead” because her hair was kind of flat on the back of her head! Victoria was so beautiful. She had the prettiest face and blonde hair. She and Trina could sing better than the radio!

Shelly, I don’t remember so much about. I think she just kinda got lost in the shuffle. The only thing I remember about her is that she performed in a school musical, The Wizard of Oz. That was neat.

Sarah and I would play with Sean most of the time, and I loved Sean so much I was actually jealous when he chose to give Sarah more attention than me. Sarah and I really weren’t that close because she was kinda quiet and I was very outspoken and active. I do remember the time Sarah broke her collarbone, though. She was on a dresser inside the closet. The closet door was locked from the outside and I couldn’t reach the lock. Sarah wanted out of the closet so badly she kept pushing on the door until it gave. She fell hard on the floor and screamed in pain. I remember her cast and the suckers she got from going to the hospital.

Now, for my brothers. As I’ve written, I really was close to Sean. Grant was quite a bit older, a teen-ager. I do remember he changed our bedroom into a really dark place. There were strobe lights and freaky stuff in there. I think he was into the devil or something. I wasn’t very close to Grant. He kinda scared me.

We did manage to get a family picture once, though. One of my big sisters cut my bangs all the way to the top of my forehead!

I really missed my first family. Dad let them come to visit me once. It was so good to see them. They never came back after that, though. But, I will NEVER forget them.

I remember the day I finally met the one person missing in my life ~ my Mom. I remember her sitting around smoking her cigarettes and drinking with Dad. She also loved to play the guitar and sing. But man, she had a temper, too!

One day, Sarah and I were playing with Reba on the bed in the dining room. Reba laid on her tummy and Sarah and I would take turns riding on her back, bouncing up and down on the bed. Mom was really mad and told me to get off. I did. Sarah got on Reba’s back anyway, and Mom took Sarah by the legs and arms and threw her across the dining room!!!! Now, I was really afraid of my Mom, too. Once again, parents that I should have loved with all my heart became the ones I feared.

Thank God for Sean. Somehow, he made me feel safe.

(continued in Chapter 6: Age 2-5)


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