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Chapters of My Childhood 8: Age 5-6

Updated on October 6, 2009

Taken Away

Someone must have told Audrey about Mr. Randall and what he did to me and about the beating with the flyswatter by my Dad. All I know is she asked me about it. I told her everything. She told me to go play with the kids because she had to make a phone call.

A little while later, policemen showed up at the house. I remember them checking my back and seeing the stripes of bruises. They told Sean, Sarah and me to come with them. We did. They drove us to some sort of county building. I remember being interviewed by two policemen in a small room. What alarmed me the most is that they asked me to SHOW them where Mr. Randall touched me. I felt very uncomfortable and didn’t want to. When I started to cooperate, they said it was okay. Now, I know they just had to confirm something serious really did happen.

We kids stayed in a little room coloring for what seemed like hours. Then, the three of us were taken to Juvenile Hall and checked in. There were tons of kids there. We had to “check out” our pajamas in a long line of kids and then go to bed. I didn’t get to share a room with my brother or sister. I wondered where we were.

The next day we lined up for breakfast cafeteria style. After breakfast, we all went outside to a big yard to play. I was glad to be able to play with Sean and Sarah. The yard was surrounded by a high chain-link fence. It was really hot outside and we weren’t allowed to go into the building except to eat.

There was a one-room school right off the playground. I remember going there with kids of all ages.

This went on for months. I wondered why some of the kids were leaving. It turns out they were either going back to their families or being put in foster homes. I couldn’t wait for that day when we could leave, too.

Finally, that day came. Sean, Sarah and I got into a car with another stranger. I can’t remember if it was a man or woman, just that I was so excited we were going somewhere else! We went to the home of the Seevers. There were quite a few kids there. This was a real house with a backyard and everything! They even had a little kitten we could play with! Even though this was yet another strange place, I was so glad that Sean and Sarah were with me. Through it all, we had each other.

(continued in Chapter 9: Age 6-7)


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    • Vladimir Uhri profile image

      Vladimir Uhri 8 years ago from HubPages, FB

      Thank you.

      Amazing story.