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Chapters of My Childhood 9: Age 6-7

Updated on October 6, 2009

Life at the Seevers' Foster Home

Life at the Seevers' lasted about as long as life in Juvie. We were introduced to the other kids living with them. Their names I don’t remember, except one. Jacob. He was the favorite. All I knew was that the Seevers' wanted to adopt him as their own.

That night, all of us were rounded up for bath time. Each child had to undress in front of all the other children to wait his/her turn to bathe. I was very uncomfortable doing this. Why was my nakedness always being exposed? Did I not have ANY privacy?! Our bath time was limited to five minutes before we had to be out of the tub to let the next child in. This rule had to be followed each and every night.

Every morning we all had breakfast together; and every morning we all had the SAME breakfast! Cornmeal mush. I really got sick of cornmeal mush!

During the daytime, all the kids would play outside in the backyard. Sean and I would catch horny toads out in the dirt. That was our favorite thing to do. I’ll never forget the time when one of the kids got in trouble and the Seevers’ made him wear clothespins on his ears for hours! He screamed in pain!

I started second grade while living with them, too. I learned a very valuable lesson on that playground. There were some girls who pretended to be my friends and invited me to come with them around a corner. Then, they beat me up. I told Sean and, of course, he went after them.

After school, we kids wanted to play with the kitten, but the Seevers' were really protective of it and wouldn’t let us touch her...ever!

When we got hungry we were given cold, canned refried beans to eat. Our diet pretty much consisted of cornmeal mush and cold refried beans every single day.

The worst thing that happened to me there was the night I was in the bathtub and Mr. Seevers entered the bathroom to shave. Without sharing the details, something inappropriate happened in there.

I told his wife about it. She slapped me!

Thank God for the day when another “strange man” came to the door! I finally had someone to tell!

Next thing I remember, Sarah and I had to go with this man. I wanted to kiss Sean good-bye, but his lips were covered in fever blisters. I hugged him and hoped he would be alright. I didn’t want to leave him there; I wished he was coming with us. That truly was the hardest day of my life ~ leaving Sean.

I talked to the man while he drove us away. I told him everything that had happened there. I also told him they wanted to adopt Jacob. He assured me that not only would they NOT be able to adopt Jacob, but they would no longer be allowed to be a foster home for children anymore. I was so relieved.

The car finally came to a stop at a beautiful house in a very nice neighborhood. The man told us that this was our new home. My goodness! I didn’t know what would become of us in this next chapter of our lives…Sarah and I were escorted to the front door and we rang the bell.

(continued in the final Chapter 10: Age 7)


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