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Cheap Slytherins Locket Horcrux A La Harry Potter-Best Place To Buy

Updated on January 1, 2011

Cheap Slytherin Locket Horcrux - Unique Cos It's Hand-made

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Cheap Slytherins Locket Horcrux A La Harry Potter Description

Finding a cheap Slytherins Locket Horcrux like the Harry Potter movie one isn't easy - mostly they're way too expensive to buy for a girl's gift or as a memento of the movie or last Harry Potter book.

That's why I was overjoyed to find this lovely one, which - even better - had all the charm of a lovingly hand-made work of art.

The charming locket is hand-made out of polymer clay, and inside the centre is hidden  a photo of the pretty hand-made Slytherin Horcrux Locket. The Harry Potter is oval-shaped and colored in cream with a cool snaky S on it. The edge of it and the back of the charm are both colored the same gold as you get with 18 c gold leaf paint. At 7/8" by 5/8" the dimensions are just right for a pretty Harry Potter fan's ideal gift, to wear always, round the neck or over a nice top to show it off to best advantage.

The charm can be used as a small pendant, zipper pull, cell phone charm, etc...

Cheap Slytherin Goodies To Go With The New Harry Potter Movie

Other Slytherin Accessories You Might Like As A Reminder Of Harry Potter And His Spell Books

  • Slytherin scarf and robe sets will be popular presents this Christmas. The accessories comprising Slytherin robes and scarf sets have been designed by professionals making sure to use the Warner Bros official references. For example the Slytherin robes have 100% cotton outside and the interior is shiny polyester. The apparel designers have even thought of a secret pocket for a Harry Potter style magic wand for casting spells. The Slytherin robes come in Medium, Small and Large so there should be one there to fit any little Harry Potter wannabe. All they need now is some spell books for kids.


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      Weird 6 years ago

      Hi ! ( i'm french )

      i want to make one locket, but i don't know how to do it :(

      Any ideas ?