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Cheapest Cloth Diapers, Pockets, AIOs and More! Cloth diaper on a budget!

Updated on June 10, 2012
Baby Land Diaper colors.
Baby Land Diaper colors.

We've all heard of the serious benefits of cloth diapers: save money, better for the baby's bottom, better for the environment and oh, did we say you'd save money? Depending on the type of diaper you choose, you could pay anywhere from $200-$1200 to cloth diaper your baby until he is potty trained. But guess what? What if I told you that you could cloth diaper even cheaper?

A little known would of cloth diapering exists: Chinese sellers on eBay. While this might sound bad for various reasons, for those who aren't against buying Chinese goods, this is a major way to save some moolah. Guess what? You could fully cloth diaper your baby for as little as $150. Maybe even less.


You might ask: What about quality? I want quality diapers, so I don't really look high upon these Chinese imports. Thankfully, if you search around for brands like "Baby Land," these are generally reviewed as being just as good as those diapers which cost $18 a pop. You do not need to worry about quality. Thank about it: you probably buy Chinese goods on a regular basis and are fairly satisfied with the quality. For something like a cloth diaper, there's not a whole lot that can go wrong (aside from blow-outs and leaks, but those are pretty rare with cloth diapers.)

How do I get them?

Okay, so, you know these diapers are an option, but where do you get them? Well, well, my dear, just visit eBay, type "Cloth diaper" in the search box and away you go! Make sure to filter the results by "Free shipping." Look through the diapers and choose diapers for as low as $3 each (with free shipping, of course.)

To get even cheaper ones, filter by "auction only" and "ending soonest." Bid on the diapers that are currently up. Just remember to look if they have inserts or not. If they don't have inserts, search for cloth diaper inserts on eBay. You can usually get about 5 inserts for $7 - a significant savings over the American brands.

Baby Land diaper + insert.
Baby Land diaper + insert.

Baby Land Diapers

Baby Land is the most common brand of cloth diapers you'll find and they usually come in a few different colors: pink, white, purple, brown, blue, green and red. These are basic cloth diaper colors that can fit into anyone's cloth diaper stash. Baby Land diapers require an insert (or two, if you want extra absorbancy) to work. They are "pocket" type diapers, so you stick an insert into the pocket then strap the diaper onto the baby!

Usually, the auctions for these diapers do not have inserts included. Be sure to check the fine print. If an insert is not included, go ahead and buy a few diapers anyway and pick up the inserts separately.

Alva cloth diaper, with heart print.
Alva cloth diaper, with heart print.


Alva is another brand of cloth diaper you can easily find from Chinese sellers. Usually, these diapers are listed WITH an insert (or two if you're lucky.) The price is slightly higher, though, to make up for the added insert. Usually you can "buy it now" for the price of $6 or $7.

One great point of the Alva pocket diapers is that they come in a variety of cute prints - super cute prints. Everything from hearts, soccer balls, Hello Kitty, Spongebob and random cute anime style bunnies. There's not a whole lot to dislike about these, since you are getting ultra cute prints and functionality at a low price point.

Microfiber Cloth Diaper inserts.
Microfiber Cloth Diaper inserts.

Don't forget extra inserts!

Sometimes you'll want to double-up on inserts. Be sure to purchase extra inserts. The chest inserts are the cheapest inserts are microfiber, but you can buy more expensive and slightly more absorbent bamboo inserts. As mentioned earlier in the article, these inserts are stuffed into a pocket and is what actually holds the pee in the diaper.

From my experience, you can also stuff these diapers with prefolds, which are more absorbent than the regular inserts. You can get the cheapest prefolds online at about $12 per dozen, though I'd recommend Bummis or another reliable brand, which is more expensive at $12 per six.

Whatever you choose to do, cloth diapers are a smart choice!


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