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Chicco Reviews - The Chicco Polly High Chair

Updated on June 27, 2011
The Chicco Polly High Chair
The Chicco Polly High Chair

The Chicco Polly high chair, also referred to as the Chicco Polly 2-in-1 high chair is one of the most highly rated baby high chairs about at the moment. Chicco USA state on their website that it has "the slimmest fold in its class". So, in the first of my Chicco reviews, I have put this high chair to the test to see if it is as good as everyone says.

Before I bought this high chair I did a lot of research and read through many other chicco reviews as well as reviews on popular online stores. Most of what I was reading was very positive. In fact I would confidently say that over 90% of reviews that I read were solid recommendations for the Chicco Polly high chair.

First Impressions

I have to say that my first impression of this high chair was that it was a well made, solid, sturdy product. It was well packaged and came with simple instructions for assembly. It took me around 15 minutes to assemble but that included faffing about with plastic packing straps and 'neatly' unpacking it all in case it had to go back or if I wasn't happy with it.

No tools are required to assemble the Chicco Polly as most of the fixings are push and click, locking into place nice and securely. Most of the high chair is pretty much already together and most of the assembly is just that - assembly rather than building; clicking the two foot sections in place, attaching the foot rest, adjusting the five point safety harness and so on.

You can see the product manual here.

In this Chicco review I will point out the main features of the high chair and how they can help you. The Chicco Polly high chair is designed for children from 6 months to 3 years old. So, on to the first element of this highchair then - the removable outer padding that slides over the main seat.

Outer Padding
Outer Padding

Removable Outer Padding

This is used when your baby is smaller and it provides a comfortable and well fitting seat for them. As they grow this outer jacket can be removed to provide more room for your child to sit comfortably and eat.

This outer padding can be removed easily for cleaning and replacing it is just as simple. All that is required is to thread the safety harness through the slots provided so that they can be pulled around your child and fastened securely.

This is a good feature. It prolongs the use of this high chair as my daughter won't grow out of it and I won't have to buy another high chair for when she is bigger. Also, a selling point of this high chair is that it is really easy to clean. By using the outer padding it preserves the main seat underneath. Being able to easily remove the outer padding aids in quick cleaning. In fact, you don't really need to remove it for cleaning as you can just push it up from underneath for a good wipe off.

Adjustable Back Rest
Adjustable Back Rest


Having a high chair that can be adjusted to suit different situations is a must for many people. The Chicco Polly high chair doesn't disappoint. Firstly, you will notice the highly contrasted buttons around the chair. These are a bit like the important bits under a car bonnet like the dip-stick, water cap, washer cap, etc. Where there is an obviously noticeable button on the chair it does something for you.

The back rest is fully adjustable from completely flat for those sleepy moments after a meal (ideal for your baby photo albums) to nearly upright for eating and drinking. There are three settings for the back rest. The foot rest is adjustable. Again with three settings it moves from vertical to horizontal to match the back rest positions for the optimum position for your child. The foot plate itself can be moved up and down to suit leg length too.

Adjusting The Back Rest
Adjusting The Back Rest

I find that adjusting the Chicco Polly high chair is simple. The back rest is reclined by pushing in a button on the rear. As you release it and move the back rest it locks intself into the next available position. This is brilliant when our child is awake first thing in the morning and drinks her milk from a bottle. Now she can hold it herself the reclined position encourages a position allowing the bottle to remain tipped up. Also, when giving medicine the reclined position is relaxing but importantly helps to prevent drips and spills down clothing.

High Contrast For Adjusting
High Contrast For Adjusting

The height of the high chair is adjustable to seven positions. Particularly useful when sitting up to a table. The high chair table can be removed and the high chair placed at the table with the rest of the family. Also, you may be stood when feeding your child or sat. Using the push buttons at the top of the legs the seat can be raised or lowered to suit your needs. All other functions move with the seat so even on the lowest or highest setting it still reclines, the foot rest is still the same.

By lowering the seat prior to folding the high chair aids in providing the slim fold that Chicco have promised. I find the height adjustment function useful as I sometimes sit on a bar stool to feed my daughter if I am not eating. Sometimes I sit at the breakfast bar if we eat at the same time. The high chair can suit both of those.

5-Point Safety Harness
5-Point Safety Harness


Safety is of paramount importance when choosing most things for your child. This is certainly a top feature worth considering when choosing a high chair. The Chicco Polly high chair has a 5-point safety harness, which is attached through the back rest (see the photo above). Both shoulder straps thread through the sturdy back rest providing an anchor point.

Each shoulder strap clicks securely into a centre buckle on the crotch strap which is secured to the seat base. All straps are adjustable within an adequate range to suit your child's size. You probably won't need to adjust the harness very often so using it is simple and quick. The sliding table top also provides extra security with a 'rigid critch strap'. Essentially this is a rigid piece of plastic integrgated on the under side of the table top that slides between the child's legs. This prevents them from being able to wriggle out of a safe position.

I found that as my daughter grew she recognised the sequence of events that told her food was on the way. Sitting in the chair she would pull down the folding arms rests (the tray slides on to these), put her arms through the harness and be ready to accept the tray being slide towards her. So in no way do any of these things inhibit her or prevent her from being comfortable.

Removable Table Top
Removable Table Top

Adjustable Sliding Tray

As mentioned the Chicco Polly high chair has a sliding table top that attaches to the folding arm rests either side of the chair. The sliding table also has a removable insert that clips over the upper surface. This is designed with contoured lines providing a kind of place setting and a suggested place where a cup or beaker can be stood.

I like this idea as the insert is easily removed for cleaning and most of the time only requires a wipe down over the sink. The contours help contain any spillages so you can easily remove the mess and save your floor. The upper tray is suitable for dishwasher cleaning. If you can find a dishwasher large enough to house it then let me know! Nice idea though.

Side Tray
Side Tray

Side Tray

A nice little feature with the Chicco Polly high chair is the parent's own side tray. Quickly and easily attached and removed, it provides a discrete and out of sight place to keep your own food and drink, or other baby food without distracting your child.

This will obviously add to the space required for storing the high chair but I find it fits nicely in the netted compartment between the rear legs of the chair. This netting provided adequate space for a bib or two, maybe a toy, cutlery and so on without detracting from the chair's 'easy on the eye' design.

Moving Around

The Chicco polly high chair is easily moved around with or without a child in it. There are casters on the rear feet that make it a breeze to push or pull the chair in to position. The casters can be locked into position to prevent movement when in use. However, without the use of these casters the chair can be a little cumbersome when maneuvering.

As an average person in good health I can lift the chair and put it where I want it fairly easily. I have to say, though, that whilst holding a crying baby and only having one hand free to move the high chair it can be tricky and a little heavy.


Cleaning the Chicco Polly high chair is easy enough. The padding can be lifted away from the chair itself or simply removed for a more thorough clean. The straps are easily removed and can be left to soak if necessary.

The only place I have found a little difficult to maintain is the join between the upper and lower sections of the table top. This is where the plastic components are manufactured and assembled leaving a narrow groove all the way around the table. This groove can easily be cleaned with an old toothbrush if you can be bothered. I did find that immersing the table top in water allowed it to fill between some gaps. The last bits of water inside can be stubborn and not drain properly. It doesn't cause a problem but can be annoying.

Chicco Review - Final Thoughts...

I have found the Chicco Polly high chair to be a very good product. It is well thought out and well designed. It is definitely a solid, safe high chair with some useful added features.

The high chair is very easily to assemble. You will see from the product manual that most of the components simply push together with a secure click. You don't have to be a DIY whizz to put this thing together!

I have the Seventy, or Splash design with funky colours but there is a whole variety of different colour options within the range. It is simply a choice of which colour scheme suits you and your baby. At the current prices the Chicco Polly high chair represents good value for money and will certainly last a very long time, compared to cheaper alternatives.


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    • profile image

      fellowes footrest 

      9 years ago

      Baby chair looks so cute i like it and i want to buy for my baby.

      Thanks for sharing..


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