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Child Abuse Prevention Month 2014

Updated on April 2, 2014
Child Abuse Prevention Month
Child Abuse Prevention Month

Child Abuse Prevention Month was decreed by president Obama back in April 2012, and is meant to celebrate and protect our children from negative influences, exploitation and abuse. Children are a cornerstone of society. When taken care of well and given equal opportunities, they thrive and grow up to become responsible and productive members of society.

Child Abuse is Rampant

Sadly, too many children in America don’t get to experience the effects of a good upbringing. Tens of thousands of kids each year experience some form of abuse, and the abusers tend to be people they know on a personal level. It is because of this that we need to be vigilant at all times and always encourage an open line of communication with our children.

Daycare Abuse

There are numerous forms of abuse, and they may have far-reaching consequences. One such type is daycare abuse. A daycare center is supposed to be a place where you can leave your child for extended periods of time, and trust that they will receive the care that they need. Unfortunately, some of these centers take advantage of the fact that children are trusting and use an array of abusive actions in order to control or intimidate them. If you suspect that your child is being abused, please report it to state authorities and get in touch with a daycare abuse attorney.

Psychologists state that people who are abused while they are children more often than not grow up to become abusers. It’s for this reason that we need to work harder as a country to stop this from happening as well as report abusers to the law in a timely manner.

This April, You Can Take a Few Steps to Help a Child Thrive.

Here are some suggestions that can boost a child’s self esteem and make them feel wanted within their communities and families:

  1. Dedicate time each and every day to play with your child and really talk to them. Ask them what they’d like to do for half an hour so that they are comfortable. Children appreciate time spent with them, and you can use this time to discuss issues such as daycare abuse. Your child will feel valued and that they matter, which in the end boosts their confidence and self esteem.
  2. Help out a busy mom that you know by offering to babysit her kids for a while. This can really help single mothers or parents with little to no support. Take the responsibility of caring for her children for a few hours away from her so she can catch a break or do other things. Ensure the child that they have another adult to come to if they need help. Oftentimes, children are reluctant to discuss uncomfortable matters with their parents.
  3. Visit a foster home and help out where you can. Foster kids may feel like they don’t have a solid foundation and sometimes just need someone to show them that they are as important or equal as other children. Sponsor a foster child and show them that they have someone who cares, and is willing to talk to them.

Rasansky Law firm celebrates and appreciates children during Child Abuse Prevention Month. We’ve played a pivotal role in ensuring that children are kept safe by fighting for their rights in daycare abuse cases. We also believe that any form of abuse should be reported to law enforcement authorities as soon as possible to halt it in its tracks, and to protect other children as well.

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