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Child Abusers -----Beware ! I am coming for you !

Updated on February 5, 2014

I am watching you !

My letter to abusers- man or woman !

I recently got into a little "tiff " about men as abusers . So I came to this place to vent ! ......God I love hubs for that ! Thank you Hubs, and Hubbers !--- At issue was the little problem that I have with "Judging people a little harshly" , ........So ," here I go again " . I say, If you abuse a woman or especially a child emotionally and especially physically , and I ever witness it- then you are in trouble man ! In my humble and yes , "judgmental" opinion , the man that abuses doesn't deserve to live ! Now this HUB may be banned , deleted , unpublished , judged insufficient for any or whatever reasons ! I don't really care ! One of the issues of debate was that this woman said to me, " He only abused Me!, I would never have let him touch my children ".........Right !...... I say ,---- You still don't even get it yet do you ! So ?, Where were the kids? , , in the room next door , at your mothers house , at the neighbors in their P.J, s. crying maybe ?, Tell me , where were they while he abused , "only me" ! I can guarantee you this ! They knew , and if they knew it was happening , then guess what lady , t THEY , were just abused as you were ! Oh , there I go again ," Judging harshly " One more question ,...... I almost forgot ! Where were the kids really , Were they hiding in the closet holding their tiny, shaking little fingers over their ears ? And don't give me that, " Everything is not black and white you know "! Uh , yea , sometimes they are ! Like this for instance , The "blackness " of the closet with no light , and the" white" flashes of pain , that the children will feel too ,one way or the other , whether physical of emotional ! Oh , And yes , I do understand the cycles of physical and emotional abuse and the heavy weight that a woman carries in dealing with this vicious cycle , You see , I saw it all from the closet ! Even with the door closed !

To the abusive "men" out there , You are the lowest of the low !...Help us save the world from you , the abusers ! Die early and die often .......!


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    • chander mehra profile image

      Chander Mehra 3 years ago from Delhi

      Excellent hub. Your proflicity is amazing and the quality even more so.

    • ahorseback profile image

      ahorseback 3 years ago

      Laurie , It will take hearts like yours to turn this culture of sadistic ignorance around . I actually got an e-mail from a woman saying ,"yes he abused me , but I would never let him hurt my children ! Can you Believe that ?.....Jeees , Thank you for commenting and even more for caring !.......Ed

    • profile image

      Rayne123 3 years ago

      Great hub

      Sad that we cannot trust anyone. Even parents are abusing their own child, whether it is emotionally or physically it is happening all around us.

      Parents sometimes abuse them and don't even see it that way, I am referring to a show I watch on an overweight child with her mom being the enabler.

      Parents are killing their own children. Sad that the children have to hope they are in a trusting and loving home and depend on the only ones who they trust the most to care and provide for them.

      This is hub goes deep and tells a very sad story that probably about 80 percent of people can relate too.

      Woman are guilty of child abuse as well. Even some form of ignoring/leaving your children is abusive. Who do you trust if you cant trust your own parents.

      I will never understand what is in someones head to want to murder their own child or abuse them.

      And even more sick why does anyone in this world ever want to touch a child that is so young they have no clue what is going on.

      I do not see your hub as offensive I see it as the truth, right to the point, no beating around the bush.

      I was reading a story on a ring of child pornographers right in Toronto, their pictures are on the net. I was sickened that a man of 50 plus wants to sexually abuse a child of 5.

      Some of these men were doctors and lawyers and one is a pastor, can you believe that. It says right in the bible about stuff like this. Jesus says no authority figure or church is too be trusted near end times.

      Anyway great hub. I hope people do read and comment.

      Thank you