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Child Depression – Things to Keep in Mind as Parents

Updated on December 29, 2015

Every coin has two sides. Today’s fast paced lifestyle has made our lives easier and comfortable. That being said, it has come with some curses as well. One of the most significant of them is undoubtedly depression. Things get even worse if depression is observed in a kid.

Kids are immature and tackling depression in them can prove to be a tough task. But, if your kid is suffering from depression, there are plenty of things that you can do to make things better. Well, it will take time to make overall improvement, but with patience and proper care, positive results can certainly be achieved. Here are a few tips to help you out:

yourself or your kid for this depression that is the first thing you need to stop doing. Next thing is to understand that like any other disease, it has to be cured with help of a doctor and proper medication if suggested by the doctor. Remember your kid is having a tough time to withstand with this disease and

Freaking out is not an option

Kid Depression
Kid Depression

This is the last thing that you would like to do. Please remember that this will definitely not help your kid. Usually, clinical depression is curable and more than 80% of time, it has been treated successfully.

Clinical depression is nothing but a disease and you need to act accordingly. So, if you are blaming yourself or your kid for this depression that is the first thing you need to stop doing. Next thing is to understand that like any other disease, it has to be cured with help of a doctor and proper medication if suggested by the doctor. Remember your kid is having a tough time to withstand with this disease and your support is the most desired thing for him/her. Please note that apart from the skills of the doctor, the kid needs good parenting as well. If he/she gets that, chances of full and fast recovery increases manifold.

Gather Some Knowledge

Kid Depression
Kid Depression

Read as much as possible about depression. Learn the symptoms, possible causes and how treatment can be started. It’s important to advocate your child in the health care system and with more knowledge, this process will become seamless.

Communicate with your child

Kid Depression
Kid Depression

Communication with your kid is very important while dealing with depression. Let him/her know that depression is definitely not the end of world. It’s common for kids to hide stuffs from their parents, if they think that can upset the parents. Therefore, a mutual trust is important. Make sure to have regular conversations. It may look tough right at the beginning, but with time, things are bound to get better. If required, you can provide some low stress, low distraction opportunities as well, such as taking a short walk with your kid. It can relax your kid and help him/her open up to you.

Please note that kids can become suicidal while being depressed and hence, communication is of utmost importance. Don’t fear the “S” word and openly talk about it. Even if they had such thoughts of committing suicide, they will be relieved to have found someone with whom they can talk. If they haven’t, be sure that you will not put the idea of suicide into his/her head by bringing up this talk. Rather, if in future, they get such thoughts, they will feel free to talk to you.

Is your child anxious or depressive?

Have Close Look at the Child’s Treatment

Kid Depression
Kid Depression

First of all, it is important to find a doctor who has enough knowledge and can patiently talk to the kid, while trying to treat his problems. Make sure that your kid doesn’t miss a single appointment, check if your kid has got the proper medication or not. If there is any routine to follow, make sure the same is not skipped. Remember that treatment will make a difference and though it may take time to show good results, stopping altogether is the worst possible idea.

Depression usually generates self-hating patterns and negativity usually engulfs a kid under such circumstances. A Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or any other relevant talk therapy can prove to be really helpful in such cases.

Help Kids to Socialize

Kid Depression
Kid Depression

A depressed kid will resist socializing, but you have to be tough here. Invite people to home, take your kid to relatives’ places – the kid may be reluctant to interact initially, but, on the long term, it creates an alternate support system and helps to cure depression as well.

Do you talk to your kid at a regular basis on his/her problems/life?

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Curing depression is a long term process and no result will be attained overnight. In certain situations, you can find it tough to cope up with the situation. If such situation arises, don’t hesitate to try out a family counseling session – it will help a lot.


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