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Child prodigy, Child genius

Updated on June 26, 2015

Child prodigy

Child wonders

As babies we all have tremendous potential and we are constantly learning and exploring and soaking up everything around us like a sponge. Our brains are constantly developing as we grow from infancy to our early childhood years. It is a miracle how we develop and achieve milestones and grow into our own person with our own perceptions, thoughts, ideas and visions. We all need to be nurtured, loved and encouraged as we develop and navigate our boundaries. We do not all develop at the same pace though we all have abilities and talents that we will find and hopefully tap into as we grow.

If we are lucky we will be considered above average in our intelligence and will go on to school and learn at the same level as our peers. We usually start kindergarten at the age of 5 and we are introduced to speech, reading, writing and arithmetic. We all have differing abilities and we are taught early to be responsible, think for ourselves and communicate our thoughts and ideas.

Genius amongst children is a very special quality and not many can claim to be so fortunate. It is something that is rare and for those who fit into that special designation they certainly will make others take notice as they make a tremendous impact in their life and the lives of others. They will have such incredible opportunities with their drive to learn and express themselves and they will find their lives magical in so many ways. A child with a high IQ is so in tune with his or her mind and his or her relationships with learning and understanding the world in which they live that they thrive and have a true desire to learn and understand. Usually a child who is exceptional in their learning abilities and considered intellectually gifted will find themselves attracted to all types of learning and will feel no limitations in their educational pursuits.

Usually a child prodigy or child genius develops very early and shows tremendous capabilities at such a young age. It really is incredible to witness a child who has an intellect far greater than his or her parents and the teachers in their lives. The mysteries of how they have developed such tremendous abilities with such apparent ease defies logic. We all have been encouraged to learn and find things that interest us and help us grow as individuals but a child prodigy or child genius seems to naturally gravitate to areas where they seem to learn and have the extraordinary ability to teach themselves and understand. They usually have a photographic memory and can solve complex problems with relative ease.

Music, Mathematics and the Sciences usually fascinate child geniuses and provide them with a wonderful opportunity to explore and challenge themselves as they learn, grow and develop. A child who learns to play the violin as a toddler or learns to solve problems usually taught in a college level calculus class is very refreshing to see and if we are so lucky to raise a child with such ability we would find our lives deeply enriched and filled with great joy.

We have heard from time to time of children barely teenagers graduating college and continuing on in a masters and PhD program at prestigious universities. You wonder how kids with such extraordinary talents, abilities and poise found their way there and how they developed such maturity and still managed to be kids with extraordinary minds.

I am always reminded of that question "How do you get to Carnegie Hall?" as I think of child prodigies and the response of "Practice, Practice, Practice." It is an amazing thing to witness when you see a child reach their true potential and far surpass it because that is a very very rare occurrence and it just makes you so proud to see it.

If you happen to meet an autistic child, specifically one who is diagnosed with Asperger's, you will find that they have such potential and generally are very intelligent and if they are encouraged to focus on their strengths and bring out their best there is no limits as to what they can do.

Famous classical musicians like Mozart and Beethoven certainly started out as child prodigies and they left such wonderful gifts and legacies with their amazing talents and their beautiful music that started in their youth as they performed as young children on stage.

Einstein also had the gift of genius and he developed the theory of relativity with mathematical interpretation that propelled him into a world full of scientific research and teaching to share his knowledge and his theories. He also displayed his tremendous abilities in his youth. Today there is a kid who is now challenging some of Einstein's theories and is a graduate of college at the tender age of 12 years old. His intelligence and his maturity is truly special and you find yourself wondering how these special kids developed such intelligence.

Genius is a gift and for those kids who are blessed with it they will find that they have a tremendous responsibility and an obligation to share it with others and to draw upon their knowledge and intelligence to make the world a better place.

Edward D. Iannielli III


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