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Children and Discipline

Updated on November 26, 2011

Children and Discipline

How to raise children in today's society is to say the least a challenge. What makes for a well balanced happy child? Material possessions? Having things their own way? Calling the shots? Making all their own choices? Being "best friends" with their parents? I say no to all of my own questions.

From birth, a child is like a piece of clay and the parents are the potters! Yes, indeed your children are in your hands to shape and to mold into the adults they will eventually become someday. Parents, listen up! You are the main influence in your childrens' lives. From infancy until around 6 maybe 7 years of age, are the most important and impressionable years of a child's life.

Structure, discipline, and consistency are the three greatest expressions of love you will ever offer your child. An undisciplined child feels unloved and often resorts to bad behavior to get attention. Of course no child loves the discipline itself but the fact that you love them enough to discipline them is what shows your love. Yes, they may yak yak and talk back but deep down your discipline says I LOVE YOU AND I CARE WHAT KIND OF ADULT YOU BECOME.

By nature, your child wants to do what is wrong. You must intervene and see that they do what is right. Always stick to your guns - otherwise we have a trust matter here. If you don't back up what you say, then your child can't trust you. They won't understand when you mean what you say and when you don't, and this in turn breeds confusion in their minds.

Giving birth to a child and helping to conceive that child, does not make you a parent. It takes giving when you don't want to give, sticking to the rules when you don't feel like being consistent. It is harder to be a good parent than an irresponsible parent, but how much do you love your child? It takes energy and laying self aside. How easy it is to let your children run amuk and do whatever is pleasing to them. That takes the stress off you. You can then lay on the sofa, eat potato chips, watch your favorite soaps and just self indulge while your child's needs are ignored.

Children can't thrive and become well balanced adults without supervision and guidance. Too many times I have seen parents too lazy to discipline and structure their childrens' lives. I have also seen mothers crying where did I go wrong? Wake up. Raise your children. You are the boss - not your child. Read the book: I'm Not Your Friend - I'm Your Parent. You have one shot with your children and as Jackie Onassis once said (not an exact quote): If you fail at motherhood/parenthood, then nothing else in life that you ever do is of any significance. Think about it.

To sum it all up: show your child lots of love: hugs, kisses, praise, DISCIPLINE, CONSISTENCY, and STRUCTURE. This is parenting. Don't be selfish and take the easy way out. You will pay in the long run and even sadder than this, your child will pay. PLEASE NOTE: This article is original and composed by me. I posted on another site and decided to share it here on my hub page.


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