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Children and The Morning After Pill

Updated on July 21, 2013

There are mixed emotion and concerns about the morning after pill because of the ways it will effects minors. Minors will be pressure into having sex before they are ready.

The federal Judge ruled, the after morning pills contraceptives B should be available to all including minors. The Department of health and human services they listen the advice of medical experts and stopped our 10-14 year old daughters from going to a pharmacy and purchasing the morning after pill.

Parents should educate their children about sex and what could really happen if they have sex at and early age. . Minors will get the pills regardless, even if others purchase it.

the "Morning after pill is a "contractions to prevent and unwanted pregnancy'', after having sex. Babies are not conceived at the moment of sex, it takes a week or longer for the sperm and eggs to introduce themselves to each other. If they like each other they bond together, if they don't there's no problem.

To sell this pill over the counter is questionable and could cause more problems for young teens. At the age of 17 a young lady is older enough to make her own choices without asking there parents. The morning after pill will put a lot of peer pressure on some girls who have sex to please their others,


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