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"Children with Strong Characters" - Who give them the inspiration?

Updated on August 13, 2012

Which children have strong characters ?. What do we mean by a strong character . Is it something related to mind or a pure heart ?. Does it have anything to a good child or some kid who is so innocent that he is taken for granted by every other person in his life ? . Well, it is a mixture of all the above, except the previous line where a child with a strong character is never taken for granted by others. He, in turn will be an example for others to follow.

Ok, now let us see what do we mean by a strong character. A child who is self-disciplined,self-confident,bold,smart,helpful,loving,talented,friendly etc., and you can add to this list , what all you admire to be of a positive impact on the child. I forgot to add one thing which comes as the last one, but having all these qualities and lacking in this quality , doesn’t make a whole. Yes, it is the “God Fearing Nature”. Some might question me that, I must say it as God loving nature and not as God fearing nature. For them , let me explain. If a child has all the qualities which I have quoted above, then positively it would be a gifted child . However, love for God doesn’t come if you don’t have the fear about God.

Man, would have forgotten the creator if he is unaware of God or if he is not afraid of him. Whoever be it , however powerful he may be, or whatever riches he may have, at a certain stage they are shrouded by a sense of fear of the one above all. We come across atheists who challenge to prove the existence of God. But when they are in death bed or in a cornered position they know some mysterious hands are playing with their destiny and even though many come out open with their conscious, many stay their way even though their mind plays a different tune.

Well, why I came on this in detail is because, it is an important quality every child should have. It is like having a backup when everything is damned. Now let us come to the other qualities.

1. SELF-DISCIPLINE – A child with self-discipline is a master of itself. We don’t need to teach it anything repeatedly. Their mind is already disciplined and they can take on anything in their life. Only thing is we should properly feed them the right things at the right time. They can be left alone under any circumstances not worrying whether they will take the wrong path. They mind their own things and will never be a hindrance or a headache to anyone whether in their school or at home. So, this quality is really a gift for a child to have.

2. SELF-CONFIDENCE – A child which is self-disciplined is in other words self-confident of itself. Because a self-disciplined mind comes when they are confident of themselves. An important quality every child should possess and should never lack is self-confidence. This gives them the energy of their mind to operate freely and without any doubt. This also gives them a clear mind which in turn produces clear thoughts and determined actions. We can see a confident child merely by their activities and by their appearance.

3. BEING BOLD – A self-confident child is bold enough to say or do anything that It feels right. To be bold is an attitude which is found among most children of this generation. Basically, children are bold enough to do whatever they feel like doing. Only that we as parents, teachers and elders stop them from being bold and create a sense of fear and timidity even at an early stage in the name of discipline and permanently disable them from being bold and at later stages we blame them for not being so and then when we start to change them , they refuse to change their attitude. So, this attitude should be grown among kids right from the day when they take their first step.

4. BEING SMART – Well, being smart is something which has to be born within. This shows the difference between smart kids and the ordinary or casual kids. Smart ones always lead the race and they are the one who will recognize the opportunity faster than the others. Some say it is in the genes of the parents. However, the current generation seem to be smart enough than the previous generation and every generation is getting smarter than the previous ones. In spite of this, smartness can be developed to a certain extent by creating awareness and training them repeatedly.

5. A HELPFUL MIND – Its not a surprising fact of finding smart, bold or confident children in the present generation, however its difficult to find helpful minded children. In fact it’s a virtue. You can say that a helpful child will surely have a like minded parents. Every child which behaves good with everyone will certainly have good parents. Good parents only develop such an attitude in the child. Such parents and children are a gift to this world by which only certain parts of this world function by their kind gesture and a scarifying nature.

6. A LOVING NATURE – We find a lovable child irresistible. They tend to have a source of attraction by which they move along with everyone either good or bad and earn a good name for themselves and their family. They never end up in a quarrel with anyone or criticize anyone, but in fact they serve as a bridge between people to sort out their differences. They are always cheerful and helpful. They get along with any characters. So this is a needed quality to live in this world in a peaceful manner and let others also to be at peace.

7. A TALENTED MIND – I say talented mind because talent can be developed by training your mind in a certain way. This can be easily developed in a child at any stage of their life. Talents include art, writing, music, acting, oration etc. . Even a politician needs to be an orator, which is a talent and that alone is their investment in the field of politics. We see many politicians who become great orators as they gain experience. Likewise actors, grow their talents as they act in a number of movies or drama. So, a talent is developed by experience and nothing else, except for a few for whom it is inbuilt.

8. BEING FRIENDLY WITH ALL – A child which has many friends is more popular and is capable of succeeding in latter part of their life, rather than a child which has limited friends. A child should develop a quality to make friendship with all type of characters. A friend can be good or bad, but he should be your friend, by which you influence them in time of need and make your work done. Some have really good , thick friends who are ready to give anything for the sake of friendship. These types of friends are really a boon to a child and these types of friendship lasts forever. Other than the parents and relatives a child depends on its friends as a source of strength. A good friend knows everything about a child rather than its parents. So, we should always know the children’s friends and move along with them well in order to know our child fully and at times of trouble.

9. BEING PHYSICALLY STRONG - Having everything of the above and if they lack in physical fitness, then that is of no use. A child lacking health is not only a problem for itself, but also for others too. So, a child must be strong and healthy which in turn is of a great influence to the mind.

These are some of the important qualities a child should have and there may be many qualities and attitudes which are necessary according to their surroundings. However, we should know that these qualities are basically developed or shown by the parents initially. They are their source of inspiration in the first place and then come their teachers, friends and leaders in some cases. So parents play a major role in inspiring their child. Never take a wrong foot in the presence of your child. To a certain stage, your child is watching your every move and tends to imitate you by which you become their inspiration. Inspire your child positively and may you give this world a good human being who will care for this world and someday you will realize you have done your duty as a ”GOOD PARENT”.


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    • Narain.K.D. profile image

      Narain.K.D. 7 years ago from India

      Thank you Smireles.Words like yours are my inspiration. To set high goals and cross at least half the mark, still makes you an achiever. Let's hope for the best.

    • Smireles profile image

      Sandra Mireles 7 years ago from Texas

      Great hub. You have set a high goal, though, and some may not be able to make all these marks. Time will show the way.