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Children: The Hope of Our Future in a Few Short Paragraphs?

Updated on May 6, 2016
Allowing other cultures to undermine our values puts our children in the recycle bins of nations who have histories far different from ours.
Allowing other cultures to undermine our values puts our children in the recycle bins of nations who have histories far different from ours. | Source

Are we Valuing or Shelving our Children?

Do we value children as our most valuable resource or do we shelve them until we think we have time for them?

• What are we doing with and for our children's futures considering that they are our most valuable renewable resource?

• Are we preparing them for life or are we setting them aside while putting our focus elsewhere?

• What are we teaching the about their past and their future--truth or fiction?

• How will what they are currently being taught about themselves and the world make them respond to their futures?

• Why do we think that what we hope for our children's futures can be accomplished in the face of the subtle messages or various cultures without our intervention?

What are we Inadvertently Teaching Children About Themselves?

Comparing the article titled “Child” on Wikipedia with its article on whales makes one wonder who thinks whales are going to attend to the future. I happen to think that leopards are really splendid animals. I could even say I love and respect them. However, I am not depending on them to solve problems related to aging or sort out issues between nations that have been at war with each other since their inceptions.

Will the Children of the Future have any Idea of what Their Life Should be Like?

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Do We Value Our Children?How Can The Value of Children Be Estimated?Are Children Being Treasured As They Should Be?How Important Are Children?Can We Value Children Enough?
Do We Value Our Children?
Do We Value Our Children? | Source
How Can The Value of Children Be Estimated?
How Can The Value of Children Be Estimated? | Source
Are Children Being Treasured As They Should Be?
Are Children Being Treasured As They Should Be? | Source
How Important Are Children?
How Important Are Children? | Source
Can We Value Children Enough?
Can We Value Children Enough? | Source

What I think about its article on frogs compared to the one on children is better left unsaid, after all, one stuffs the other in the pockets of their tiny, little jeans. Yet society, via Wikipedia, has devoted much more space to frogs than to children. Am I saying that frogs may not hold answers to questions scientists ask? Not at all. I’m just saying that no frog is going to grow up to be a scientist.

It was not a surprise to read that Holland is less child-centric than other European countries, yet it was surprising to read nothing about the way children have been/are being neglected and abused in Africa, Bangladesh, Belarus, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Iran, Haiti, Russia, Thailand, and Yugoslavia, to name a few. The obvious problem is not what the Wikipedia article says, it is what the article does not say.

While Wikipedia's article on the child touches on how the percentage of children with ADHD are hindered in the development of their social skills, there are a myriad of other difficulties that today’s children face which also impede socialization. Segregating children by age throughout their childhood, for instance, is not mentioned as one of those impediments even though the goal for children is responsible adulthood and age-segregation teaches 6-year-olds to act like 6-year-olds.

Wikipedia articles reflect the thinking of today’s society and such a short article on children (from the UN’s perspective no less) is an indication that Americans do not realize that our society is on the endangered species list. Because children are neglected, not protected, not nurtured, not taught the values that made America great, those who would degrade America in order to foster a different set of values in our children have had a good measure of success.

We allow other cultures to undermine our values and traditions by letting them impose acceptance and tolerance of their views on our children. Confusion then grips their moldable hearts and minds leaving them without stable footing. We have allowed ourselves to be first lulled and now shamed into accepting what we once knew would destroy us. America’s children are on the precipice of no return and there is not even a ripple on the surface of most people's consciousness.

There is a good deal to the concept of being American that we need to regain and be careful to pass on to our children. Rather than allowing them to be swallowed up by those who embrace the ideas that our founders fled from and fought against we have a responsibility to teach them truth about who they are.

Teach Children Values

Children Need us to Define them Correctly

Wikipedia defines a child as anyone in the developmental stage of childhood, between infancy and adulthood. It is amazing to read another article, though, that gives an apparent warning about disturbing the eggs of leatherback turtles when no defense of children in the womb is given in the U.N. article on children.

Human life is being devalued at every level in our society yet there seems to be an inability to relate that trivialization to infanticide, genocide, gendercide, euthanasia, and encouraged or even assisted suicide.We are seeing the consequences but not recognizing the causes.

Children murder and we mindlessly wonder why while every form of grotesque image is thrust upon them in their schools, stores, and even their homes. Children disconnect from helpful influence because we don’t take the responsibility for protecting their ears from ugly, unnatural sounds that induce selfishness.

Outrageous acts of violence and vileness are within the touch of a button yet we assert our rights to so-called entertainment while children are in desperate need of our guidance. The claim is that parents are too busy, but that claim begs a question. Too busy with what?

In a world that professes to focus on renewable resources our most valuable assets are being left unguarded at very young ages with predators who actively pursue them via television and the internet, in malls and in our schools. Corporately and individually, we don't do enough checking on their well-being.

Children are being dumbed down by those who push social agendas and they are taught to feed appetites rather than to develop character, making them more vulnerable to every kind of predator. The precious innocence that we love about children is being robbed from them at ever earlier ages. Our children are being hardened rather than valued and treasured in their environments.

Because they are not cherished and coached with an eye on America’s history our nation’s children do not know the way to the future they should have, to the future they have a right to. Deprived of their history and being fed a twisted version of the past that unfairly denigrates their roots, American children are wandering into adulthood at the mercy of a culture in the throes of survival.

Regaining History for Our Benefit
Regaining History for Our Benefit | Source

How can we Help Children Gain the Future that Should be Theirs?

Without a grip on the truth of America’s past our children are losing who they really are. Learning about other cultures is a fine thing, but lying about history in order to take over the culture of another country is not okay.

The children of our country are a valuable resource that Americans are letting slip through their fingers and bounce into the recycle bins of other cultures. It’s time to celebrate who we are, why we are Americans, and how we got the extreme privilege of being so.

Most importantly, we need to know and celebrate why people became Americans. Are we faulty? In a process? Do we still have room to grow and work to do?

Yes, yes, yes, but there is a great deal to the concept of being American that we need to regain and pass on to our children rather than allowing them to be swallowed up by those who embrace the ideas that our founders fled from and fought against.

Without a grasp of the concepts that our founders lived and died for our children's future is fair game to others. We can give our children more hope than that, surely.

Do you believe that teaching patriotism to children can increase their understanding of what it means to have character?

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Children are Valuable!

Do You Think Children Are A Valuable Resource?

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    • Stan Fletcher profile image

      Stan Fletcher 7 years ago from Nashville, TN

      This is so good! If only more people felt this way. Thanks for stating so many of our thoughts so eloquently.

    • RTalloni profile image

      RTalloni 7 years ago from the short journey

      Thank you kindly, both for stopping by and for your comments. May this be the year we all make a difference in a child's life.

    • meteoboy profile image

      meteoboy 7 years ago from GREECE

      Really, it was a little difficult to me to understand easy all these perfect statements. But finally , is a great job. Thank you for this. Greetings from Hellas.

    • RTalloni profile image

      RTalloni 7 years ago from the short journey

      Greetings from the sunny Southern USA!

      Thank you for reading this hub and for your kind comments.

      Btw, my husband enjoyed your weather videos. Thanks again!

    • HubMania profile image

      HubMania 7 years ago from India

      It doesn't matter whether it is in Wikipedia or not. But one thing is sure. You have laid it out in the best way. Love this hub. Because love this topic. Thanks again.

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