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Children's Tantrum

Updated on June 19, 2012

Is your child screaming in public?

Many parents have to go through the embarrassing moment when your child goes through a meltdown in the middle of a store. There are a few ways to avoid this from happening. Parents are very afraid of this happening. First, you will want to remember what not to do. You, definitely will not want to scream back, ignore, or beg with your child to behave. Don't want to leave your kids home alone or can't afford to have someone watch them. Why don't you just stay home?

Well, consider this,

  • Don't shop when your child is hungry or tired.
  • Try to deliver bad news before you get to the situation. Tell them that they will not get all the toys they want or a desert. This way they know already they won't get something and, you will be able to avoid a scene
  • Try to play games with your kids while shopping. Simple games such as saying I want to find a red box in this aisle, will you help me? This will keep them occupied while your staying calm. This is a great method and should be used more often.
  • Also, try and control the amount of sugar your child ingests. Keep soda with caffeine and other sugar drinks away from them.

I hope these simple tips help you control your child. I always see parents struggling in stores with the kids and it really can be embarrassing. Remember, a kid who hates the supermarket won't want to go no matter what. Always keep your cool and try to use these tips.

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