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Children's food: Useful or Useless

Updated on May 24, 2014

It must be the children’s chocolate, cola, jelly ace, candy and children's sausage? Not all children's foods are also good for their health. In this article you will learn the falls in the advertising.

Do children need special food.

Children's tea, chocolate, yogurt, Cola, buns, sweets, sausage: This list can be extended even to many other foods.Advertising strategists have discovered a market that promises high growth rates: the so-called children's food.Like mushrooms sprouting from the soil they are aimed at children and parents and in equal measure.But do children really special food?

Some parents believe that children's food is really a good food. No wonder, because the great things about the products are praised to the skies.For example, since "include all important vitamins" or it was "fortified with calcium".And the note of, "with plenty of milk" can be found on each pack.

Almost all of these products include this features but not a drop of milk and are only made with skim milk powder, sweetened condensed milk or whey powder.

The advertising strategy for children's food is aimed towards the parents from the health care needs and the responsibility to a healthy diet for their children. The children, however, are lured by visual stimuli such as colourful packaging, which often include collecting pictures, stickers or plastic toys. And especially the small portions communicate with children.

Food advertising is commonly used just like with all other goods and products, primarily sales-oriented purposes.

This is the role of advertising and completely legit, of course, because the manufacturer wants to sell their products.Even in children's lives usually leads to the economic interest is the objective instead of the health of children

Advertising gives you targeted information to be demonstrated as positive.

Negative aspects are often not mentioned or just marginally indicated very unspecific. So the consumers tend to make a honest review and sometimes a comparison along with other products.

Healthy Salad dressing and Sausage.

What is to be emphasized by the health promotion of fortified foods?The Research Institute for Child Nutrition has done a study on fortified foods and found a total of 288 nutrient-fortified foods by 78 different manufacturers.The range of products ranging from soft drinks fortified, candy, jam, yogurt, sausage (Multivitamin burst!), cereal preparations containing up to the instant powder and vita undermined salad dressing.

About half of the products of the overall range and most of the children's food contained of nutrient enrichment, even added sugars. This is why it’s not recommended as healthy foods, the nutrient enrichment seems to be enhanced.

The Research Institute for Child Nutrition in this field that stay with the current nutrient enrichment of the special needs of children considered inadequate.Lots of the so-called children's food products are also highly processed foods with the unusual and have very minimal in standard.And also often more expensive!

Balanced diet is much healthier.

Children need a healthy diet for any particular food.Children's food often contains lots of sugar and or fat and can thus pave the way for his obesity.A varied and optimized mixed diet contains all the required nutrients.Of course, parents must decide whether to buy children's food.But in our diverse food supply may be dispensed with fortified foods.It makes more sense the correct combination of the basic food.From the first birthday, children can participate in regular family meals and for "in between" are fruit, yogurt, bread and raw vegetables such as carrots or cabbage to snack is much healthier.


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