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Tips on Buying Baby Clothes

Updated on December 10, 2012

Choosing Best Baby Clothes for Expecting Mom

I bought different style of clothes for my baby boy. I got a chance to use a sleeveless shirt with and without buttons, and clothes with strings on it. The three of them has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Let me start with the sleeveless shirt with buttons. I got this Disney clothes from a mall, it only cost me 150 pesos, approximately three (3) US dollars. Buttoned shirt gives a more comfortable feeling when dressing up my baby. I can easily put the shirt on since it allows you to unbutton it to make space for the head of the baby. However, takes a lot of time to put the button on especially when the baby knows already how to roll over. I also noticed that whenever I do the laundry, the buttons are getting loose so i need to sew it again.

Sleeveless shirt without buttons are also comfortable to use especially when you bought the right size for your baby. Its easier and faster to use because you just put it on right way without any prerequisites. However, there are some babies with big head and does not fit the manufacturers' label based on its age. My baby then was 2 months so I bought the shirt that has 1-3 mos tag but it did not fit him well. I decided to buy another set which has 3-6 mos tag on it.

Baby shirt with strings are appropriate to use especially when you are worried to hurt your child when dressing up your baby. Since it is open in the middle, you can easily put the clothes on starting from left to the right arm of the baby. However, it has 3 to 4 strings and this will cause a delay when putting the clothes on.

Note: Sleeveless shirts are popular in the Philippines since we are a tropical country.


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    • jule729 profile image

      jule729 5 years ago

      That's right. My husband and I decided to buy more sleeveless shirts than shirts with sleeves.

    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 5 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      most babies prefer sleveless shirt. Too warm with all the bundles and cuddles. Warm weather is a big problem too