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Choosing Child Baby Reins

Updated on February 4, 2013

Baby reins or baby harnesses allow a parent to keep a connection to their child using a strap that connects both at the wrist; or connects the adults’ wrist to a harness around the child’s torso.  As a parent you may have considered baby reins for use with your child.

Types and Styles

There are two main styles of baby reins with each type having a number of variations in style and how they connect.

  • Wrist harness
  • Torso harness

Some may have the connection running from the side of the child’s torso or the back as well as colour and material variations


Anywhere from $10-$30.  In general the wrist oriented baby reins were cheaper due to their simpler design while the torso versions tended to be more expensive due to the additional straps and connections or even the integration of a backpack into the harness in some cases.

The Arguments

There are a few topics guaranteed to spark some serious debate, music, politics, religion and products for children.  The debate for these topics invariably stem from the fact that people have very strong core beliefs likes and dislikes that come into play on these topics.  Parental styles all differ and there is quite often no clear “right” or “wrong”.  During my research on this topic I found that there were some definitive stances taken by parents in support and opposition of the use of baby reins:

The “Pros” Of Baby Reins

  • They can save parents from some of the bending over that they have to do
  • They can stop your child from running off and this can have some immediate safety advantages when near roads.
  • They could make it more difficult for your child to snatched in a busy location

The “Cons” Of Baby Reins

  • There is a lack of human contact caused by their use
  • The mental association to a dog on a leash deterred some parents
  • They allows the child too much freedom psychologically 
  • They are an extra expense when already buying a lot of baby items
  • There were also some concerns that wrist harnesses will affect the shoulder of the child

Dissecting the Arguments

The arguments in favour of baby reins are quite compelling; although there are less of them they do seem to carry more importance.  No parent wants their child mistakenly running on a road and potentially being knocked down or snatched.  You may want to consider that if you weren’t using baby reins then you would probably be holding your child’s hand (even if it meant a sore back!).

The arguments against seem to be predominantly based around perception.  That said, they would represent an additional cost and there is the potential that if the child was dragged by the wrist they may damage their shoulder or arm.  However if a parent went to the trouble of using baby reins it would be unlikely they would then drag their child around.


I think that whatever the argument there will always be a personal choice on this.  I would feel fine using baby reins with my child.  I would consider them an additional security measure and also hold my child’s hand where possible.  

Your views?

Would you use baby reins?

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