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Choosing The Right Baby Changing Bag

Updated on January 19, 2017

Baby Changing Bags

There once was a time when baby bags were solely functional – basically a bag created to accommodate most of the baby apparel that an individual needed to have with them when taking their bundle of joy out and about with them. These were often quite bulky with various compartments that you could place nappies, feeding bottles, cream and wipes in.

Now fast forward to today and new parents are spoilt for choice with an enormous assortment of baby changing bags to select from. Baby bags that suit just about every lifestyle and budget. There are even baby bags designed to match your buggy and ones that colour co-ordinate with your outfit.

Choosing The Right Changing Bag

Confronted with such a great deal of choice, exactly how do you decide on a baby bag that is just right for your personal needs?

  • Always take into account when you are more likely to be using it. Do you want a bag that is more fashionable and can double as a replacement for your handbag or will it need to be a dad friendly bag and not look so feminine?
  • Most bags include a detachable baby changing mat these are a must and I would not consider a bag without one. Make sure the bag has enough compartments to suit your needs and a waterpoof compartment to keep the soiled clothes and nappies away from everything else.
  • How do you intend to carry your bag? It might sound silly but they can get pretty heavy once fully loaded. Would a messenger or back pack style bag be best suited for you, should it have a padded shoulder strap?
  • Remember you might be carrying this bag for several hours so comfort should remain a priority over looks. If you do not intend on carrying baby too much or walking too far and you expect your newborn will be in a buggy the majority of the time look for a buggy compatible changing bag that sits conveniently over the handles of the buggy.
  • What about the cost? Of course we would all like to go out and purchase the bag of choice and not worry about cost but the true fact is we all live to a budget. If you want designer you will have to pay premium prices upwards of £70 and sometimes even in excess of £100. At the other end of the scale you can get a nice looking functional baby bag for around the £30 mark.

Changing bag styles are fast changing, more fashionable bags are being released all the time and manufacturers are always coming up with new ideas.

Yummy Mummy Baby Bags

A massive favourite with the younger mums and some older ones too. It is hardly surprising though, just one look at the styling and you can see it oozes fashionability.

The distinctive Yummy Mummy trademark logo of a small cup cake on the front pocket and looking more like a handbag than a baby bag the Yummy Mummy range of baby bags is on top of many a new mum to be's shopping list.

It's girlie design and bright colours mean it is less popular with the dads; mums if you are considering a Yummy Mummy bag be prepared to buy dad his own baby changing bag if you expect him to take baby out on his own!!

Baby Changing Bags For Dads

Although this isn't a changing bag aimed at dads, it demonstrates a functional bag that would look great if being used by a mum or a dad.

The make of this baby changing bag for those who might be interested in sourcing one is Wallaboo. This particular bag is made of faux suede and comes complete with a detachable padded changing mat.

Although it has a waterproof lined compartment on the inside, the outside isn't so forgiving if you get caught in a downpour. I read a review of this bag and one person said that they sprayed it with a waterproof protector similar to that which you would use on your shoes.

The messenger style and large padded shoulder strap of this bag allows for you to pack for nearly any and every eventuality.

OiOi Baby Changing Bags

OiOi were founded in 1997 in Australia. Due to their stylish looks and the desire for parents to own a bag that is of high quality it didn't take OiOi long before they became an internatioanally recognized brand.

Add a dose of innovative and practical to those stylish looks together with more than a sprinkling of reliability and you have youself a brand named bag that stands out from the crowd.

OiOi baby bags are admired for their vibrant and spectacular designs and use of high quality fabrics. With over 40 styles to choose from there is an OiOi baby bag to suit everyone.

Baby Changing Bag Costs

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