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Choosing a Baby Room Theme

Updated on January 18, 2012
Baby Room Theme
Baby Room Theme | Source

Planning a baby room theme is one of the fun things to look forward to when you’re expecting. Choosing a theme may depend on if the gender is known but keep in mind that this does not need to be a deciding factor. Here are few ideas to get you started.

Gender Unknown
If you cannot find out or do not want to find out the gender of the baby before its born, there are still many different gender-neutral baby room themes you can do. A safari, zoo or jungle theme is easy to keep gender neutral if you stick to browns, yellows, and oranges. Almost any animal based theme can work well: puppies and kittens, penguins, rubber ducks, bunnies, teddy bears. Dr. Seuss, Sesame Street or other gender-neutral characters can also make a fun theme. No matter which theme you pick, just try to avoid the typical gender colors of pink or blue and you should be safe.

Baby Boy and Girl Room Themes
Typical themes for baby boy rooms include: trucks, cars, sports, trains, space, superheros. Color combinations of blue, green and brown are used more in boys’ rooms. Darker colors also tend to be used more so instead of pink, dark reds are used.

For baby girls, typical themes include: princesses, flowers, butterflies, hearts. Color combinations of pinks, purples and whites are used frequently in girls’ rooms. Pastel colors also are used more too: pastel blue, pastel green.

Character-Based Themes
Themes centered around a certain character or characters can be fun. But use caution with this one since your taste in Disney or Sesame Street characters may end up differing from your toddler’s. If you go this route, try to pick a set of characters from a movie or TV show rather than one specific character. This way you are more likely to have at least some characters that the child will like as they get older. Be prepared to redecorate the room entirely if your child has a bad experience with that character.

How to Choose
Keep in mind that the baby you are expecting will not always be a baby. As he or she begins toddlerhood and wants to assert his/her independence, the baby room theme that you picked might be too “babyish” for your toddler. Try not to get too attached to it since you may be overruled later. If you don’t want to face the task of redecorating the entire room later, pick a theme that is general or limit how much you use the theme in the room. Stay away from painting the walls and get décor and wall stickers that can be easily removed.

Have fun with choosing a baby room theme but keep in mind how long your baby will be a baby. Consider all of the different themes available to you and pick one that you think is best for your baby and your budget.


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