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Choosing the right baby food

Updated on July 10, 2014

3 Very Important Tips

  • Ensure that you monitor each everything which you feed your baby. Checking it yourself by chewing or tasting it could be a great thing to do.
  • Remain calm in case your baby cough or starts choking
  • Prepare or cut the food in small pieces before feeding it to your baby.

When should you start giving solid food to your baby?

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Food for babies should include the right amount of vitamins and other nutrients that aid in their healthy growth. All paediatricians unite in the view that mother’s milk has no substitute and is healthy for the baby till the age of two years. This not only helps in the growth of the baby but helps in building up a strong immune system to help keep diseases away from the baby. In situations when the baby does not get mother’s milk, it is important to offer the right food so as to provide the baby with the right nutrients. Also, it is very important to provide home made baby rather than packaged or food available.

Banana as a regular fruit

Banana flavoured foods are advised for babies by the paediatricians all over the world. They advice to offer banana to babies as the fruit is a semi solid and is nutritious as well. It is recommended that babies between four to six months should be given semi solid foods which is why ripe banana is a great thing. It can be sliced and given to the babies. Banana can also be mixed with other instantly digestive cereals and fed to the babies. Vitamin replenishes the body with potassium, vitamin C and vitamin B6, besides these are nutrients that the baby needs for healthy growth.

Lentils could be a great source of nutrients as well

Another rich source of nutrient for the babies is lentils. Lentils are packed with fibre and protein. Besides being cheap they are highly nutritional as well. Sweet potatoes when boiled and mashed are a good source of nutrition for the babies. In fact, doctors and paediatricians recommend sweet potatoes as an important source of carbohydrates for the babies. These are also rich in vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin B6. Little amount of water can be added to further lighten the paste.

Add some vegetables to the diet

Vegetables do constitute a very important part of baby food or baby diet. Vegetables should be introduced gradually and in very small amounts. They also form a very rich source for anti-oxidising element and source of vitamins. Carrot is a very good example of a vegetable that is healthy for babies. Carrots can be boiled and fed to the babies along with cereals that can be easily digested.

Blueberries can be a good option

Blueberries are also an essential inclusion in a baby's diet. It is the favonoids in the berries and is called anthocyanins which are good for eyes, urinary tract, and brain of the babies. A soup made of blue berry is a good idea too. A cup full of blueberries can be mixed with quarter cup water in a bowl. After heating it for a minute, it is to be cooled.

Is home made food better than the ones available in the market?

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Concluding thoughts

Right food that is rich in nutrient should be given to the babies for a constructive growth of the mind and the body, besides strengthening the immunity system. Feeding the right baby food will keep your baby fit and fine while nurturing them from within. Information about baby food is available throughout the internet. (learn more at Baby Recipes). It is important to be aware and discuss the amount of nutritive elements which is present in the food before feeding the baby.


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    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 4 years ago from The Caribbean

      Voted Up and Useful. There have been many changes since I had babies, but I'm still interested in their food since I have a grandchild. thank you for sharing this information.