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Chore Chart - Where to Find Responsibility, Allowance, Melissa & Doug and Magnetic Chore Charts

Updated on September 20, 2011

Chore Charts

Chore Charts are a great way to teach children how to be responsible around the house!

Not only do they help keep children on track when it comes to what chores need to be done and when, but kids just love the satisfaction they receive when marking off each item as done.

It makes them feel more grown-up, more responsible and more in control.

It teaches them maturity and responsibility and is simply fun at the same time! These charts also make it easier for mom and dad to help keep the household running smoothly.

Due to their effectiveness, there are quite a few Chore Charts and Responsibility Charts to choose from.

Best Selling Chore Chart - Melissa & Doug Responsibility Chart

If you are a parent, chances are you have already heard of the popular toy manufacturer Melissa & Doug.

This is a company that knows it's stuff when it comes to toys that help build creative imaginations and their responsibility charts are no exception.

As of this date, the Melissa & Doug Responsibility Chart is ranked as one of the top 20 toys on Amazon's best seller list and has been on that list for over 600 consecutive days!

It is a magnetic chore chart that features an innovative combination of magnets and wood and even includes a dry erase board.

Extremely entertaining for kids - there are 134 magnets that depict behaviors and rewards that are included in this set that cover just about any household situation.

The responsibility chart measures 16 x 12 when closed and 16 x 24 when open and is an entertaining way to get your child started on the road to responsible behavior.

Other Chore Chart Options

There are quite a few other options when it comes to Chore Charts or Responsibility Charts.

There are other Magnetic charts aside from the Melissa & Doug Chart, there are also dry erase charts, star chore charts and sticker charts depending on what you think your child will find the most enjoyable.

Magentic Chore Charts and Magnetic Responsibility Charts

The following responsibility charts are magnetic which makes them easy to use over and over again.

Plus kids simply love magnets!

The Board Dudes Chore Chart includes both magnets and dry erase capabilities - it also includes handy mounting strips and columns for days of the week.

There are other fun responsibility charts like the Shure Chart with fun wooden magnetic pictures.

Hanging Board Chore Charts

The following chore charts are hanging board charts.

Instead of magnets they include cards that can be hung on their appropriate hooks.

They also include reward tokens and stickers.

Simply click on the blue links below for larger pictures and more details on these products.

Other Chore Charts

Here are a few other responsibility charts to choose from.

Some of these charts are paper charts that can be marked off with markers or even charts made with felt and velcro.

Again, all of these charts are designed to make chores more fun - it really just depends on your preference and what you think your child will get the most enjoyment out of using.

Older Children Chore Charts - Age 7 +

Here are a couple of Chore Charts that are made for older children.

They have separate charts for boys and girls and are a little bit more sophisticated without all of the cartoonish pictures.

These still work wonders however for keeping children excited about their accomplishments.


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    • Perspycacious profile image

      Demas W Jasper 5 years ago from Today's America and The World Beyond

      I had not seen this Hub when I wrote my daily Hub today, but your Hub was the first "Related Hub" listed and shows the popularity of Chore Charts for children to share responsibilities for chores and gave prices at the time of your Hub for such charts. Thanks for yours.