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Chores for 2 to 3 Year Olds

Updated on July 20, 2013

Why Toddlers Need Chores

Kids should learn early that the home is a place where everyone works together to make it a happy and comfortable place to be.

When they are first learning to help out, chances are they will sometimes be adding to your workload instead of easing it, but the habits will be formed and over time as their skills and contentiousness increase you will find yourself less stressed and amazed at the harmony in your home!

The other great reason for sharing chores with your kids is that it provides an excellent learning opportunity without special supplies or time out of your day. Kids will be practicing matching, sorting, learning about body parts (laundry time), and can even practice their math.

Chores for 2-3 Year Olds

Here are some things you can start encouraging your 2-3 year old to do around the house. Every child is different (in development AND personality) so take some time to find chores that fit the child.

Most importantly, find ways to make them fun, and be forgiving if it's not done perfectly!

Putting away their own laundry

  • Label the drawers with pictures to help them remember
  • Allow them to just place unfolded clothing in drawers OR fold and separate clothes ahead of time so they are just putting stacks in the right drawers.
  • Have them put dirty clothes in the hamper too!

Cleaning Up Toys

  • Make it fun and educational by having them sort them by colour or type
  • Help them make it a habit to clean up one activity before starting another!


  • Give them something soft like a feather duster or Swiffer duster
  • Even if they're not doing it perfectly, a daily dusting session will probably keep all of the dust away!
  • If your child has allergies, a wet sock over their hand can be an air-friendly alternative.

Tidying the Shoe Rack

  • The rows might not be perfectly straight, but they are learning how to match at the same time!

Pulling Dandelions

  • Teach your kids to pull the yellow flowers and put them in a special place and you'll have a weed free lawn in no time.
  • They will also love giving you these dandelion bouquets, so be appreciative!

Wiping the Table

  • This is definitely one you'll have to follow behind later to complete, but this is a great toddler friendly after dinner chore!

Helping Chores

The list of chores that a toddler can do on their own is pretty short, but there are many other ways they can be helping in the home while simultaneously learning how to do it on their own in the future.

Sorting Laundry

  • Whitest from darks, jeans, however you sort your laundry they can help.

Emptying the Dishwasher

  • Empty out everything sharp and breakable first then let them help put away the rest.

Making Beds

  • Pulling up one side of the sheets and blankets while you pull up the other is totally manageable, and this will help you pass this chore on to them by the time they start kindergarten.

Cleaning the car (interior)

  • A daily cleaning and organizing of garbage and toys will help keep it clean!
  • Keep seat back organizers or totes in the vehicle so toys and books have a place to go.

Floor Washing

  • Need: green floor cleaners and thick cotton socks
  • Spray the floor with cleaner then have kids shuffle around in sock feet, cleaning as they go.
  • Put on some music and make it fun!


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    • VVanNess profile image

      Victoria Van Ness 

      5 years ago from Fountain, CO

      This is such an amazing article! As a first grade teacher I tried to encourage the parents of my students to continue the learning at home. Not only is school not the only place children should be academically challenged, but it's been hard to help parents understand that "homework time" at home is not what I'm talking about in regards to learning at home.

      Helping out around the house, helping in the backyard, and even going on shopping trips and running errands with parents can all be amazing learning experiences. This learning should also start way before they start going to school. One year olds learning to clean up after themselves, and toddlers having simple chores around the home is perfect!

      I really love this article!

    • Nicole Henley profile image

      Nicole Henley 

      5 years ago from San Leandro

      Great ideas. I will have to try some of these with my little girl. She always wants to help.


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