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The Chores that Young Children can do around the House

Updated on December 8, 2012
Oh yeah I remember now, I need to go feed the dog
Oh yeah I remember now, I need to go feed the dog | Source

They can do more than we think

Sometimes as a parent I under estimate what my child is capable of doing and being responsible for. My oldest is 4 almost 5 years old and goes to school full time. He can be a very responsible little boy when he is reminded of his jobs.

Kids can easily clean up after themselves
Kids can easily clean up after themselves | Source
Picking up his Clothes
Picking up his Clothes | Source

The Chores

1. Feeding the Dog - My little man is responsible for scooping 1 cup of dry dog food into the dogs bowl after breakfast and dinner.

2. Unpacking his Backpack - When little man gets home from school it is his responsible to unpack his backpack and everything that it inside of it, like his lunch box and snack bag.

3. Picking out his Clothes - the rule in our house is that he picks out his clothes before bed (see our evening routine to get out the door) if he forgets than mom gets to dress him. In our house this is the difference between wearing a batman t shirt and jeans or a polo and khakis. He rarely forgets to pick out his clothes anymore.

4. Keeping his Room Clean - notice I said keeping it clean and not cleaning it. For my little ones age cleaning an entire room is too much, the goal is that he keeps it clean from a clean status. I help organize and move things around when needed.

5. Brushing Teeth - I have some things set up so that he can start the process on his own and I usually do a double check of the teeth but he is starting to be able to do it himself.

6. Picking up toys before Bedtime - This is not mommy's job and it shouldn't be. My kids both have a set pick up toy time. I do help sometimes but it is important that they don't think magically fairies clean up the living room. The faster the kids clean the more time they have for snuggles and story time.

7. Setting the Table - Little ones can put out napkins, silverware, and other things on the table before dinner to prepare for the family meal.

8. Cleaning up after themselves after Meals - Both of my children are required to take their plates, cups, and silverware to the kitchen and place them on the counter. I had to establish the counter rules after my little one started launching breakables into the sink.

Remember they need a little help

I remind my kids of their responsibilities and expand them as we see something that they can do and are excited about. The chores that they do evolve as things need to be done and as their are items that I end help with. We try to make the tasks fun and give positive experiences as praise.


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