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Chores to do With a Toddler: Sorting Laundry

Updated on September 29, 2012
Laundry day can be more fun with the help of your toddler!
Laundry day can be more fun with the help of your toddler! | Source

Laundry is a consistent household chore. The daily amount of dirty laundry can vary depending on the size of your family. If you live alone it will take you a few more days to acquire a large enough load of laundry to wash compared to a larger family who needs to wash dirty laundry daily. Sorting laundry is a great chore for your toddler to assist you with!

The Hunt for Dirty Laundry

The first step of washing cloths is finding all of the clothing that is dirty. This can be hard because children often leave their clothing scattered throughout the entire house. One sock can be in the living room and the matching one can be upstairs under the bed. I used to think my washer was eating the matches to the socks until I found the secret stash of dirty socks behind the toy chest.

Hunting for dirty laundry can be fun for you and your toddler. You can use your imagination and really make it into a fun game that your toddler will love to play. You will both have a lot of fun by creating an exciting story line to the hunt and before you know it all the laundry will be in one place ready for sorting!

Sorting the Laundry

The second step is to sort the laundry into piles. Some people sort by color, while others sort by items being washed. There is no right or wrong way to sort laundry, it all depends on your individual way of doing it.

A toddler can be an excellent helper when it comes to the sorting process. If you sort by colors you can ask your child to tell what color each item is as they help. Sorting laundry can be very educational!


The Washing Machine and Dryer

The third step is to put the dirty items into the washing machine. This is a step that a toddler should NOT help you do. Washing machines are very dangerous. You should explain the dangers to your toddler and also remind them each time that they are not to play with a washing machine.

The same goes for the dryer. A dryer can be very hazardous to a toddler. You do not want them to think they are capable of using the dryer for any reason. You can let your toddler know that once the laundry is out of these machines they can gladly help you again.

Your toddler can help you fold the clean laundry!
Your toddler can help you fold the clean laundry! | Source

Folding Clean Laundry

Once the laundry is washed and dried your toddler can once again help you with this chore. A toddler can help you to fold the clean laundry but do not expect them to fold items "your way". Your toddler will have their own unique way of folding and they will be very proud of their attempts. It is best to encourage them and thank them for their hard work. Do not refold the items your toddler folded in front of them. Instead wait until a later time when they are not paying attention. You can even try giving them specific items to fold that do not need to be unwrinkled, such as, dusting towels, wash cloths, socks, etc.

Putting Clean Laundry Away

The final step is to put all of the clean laundry away. You toddler can help you to sort it into piles based on where the items will go. In our home my toddler helps me to sort the clean cloths into piles for each person's dresser. He knows what items belong to each person so he has a relatively easy time helping me with this part.

Once all of the clean laundry is sorted into piles it can easily be put away. Your toddler will feel proud for all the hard work he did helping mommy. Laundry day becomes more fun for you when you have the helping hands of your toddler. What adventure will you take on your next laundry day?


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    • SidKemp profile image

      Sid Kemp 5 years ago from Boca Raton, Florida (near Miami and Palm Beach)

      I love the photo! My wife and I don't have kids, but somehow we still manage to scatter clothes all over the house. We'll have to try to make this chore more fun for ourselves. Thanks for the lift!

    • leahlefler profile image

      Leah Lefler 5 years ago from Western New York

      Sorting and folding laundry is such a great chore for little ones. My kids love sorting the laundry into piles, and my youngest son puts away the kitchen towels and socks. My older son is almost seven and can put away his own clothes now. They learn so much (matching, sorting, colors, etc) and also get to have a little responsibility!