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Clean house with newborns

Updated on April 6, 2016

Mothers with newborns tend to stress when people are coming to visit and the house isn't that clean. I'm here to say it's fine. I know that some mothers can get their house clean with newborns and wonder why other mums can't

I have this to say. I was spoilt growing up my mum wouldn't let us clean even our rooms but as teens we did have to clean our rooms but nothing else so when I got pregnant and hadn't moved out yes it was hard being a new mum learning to cook, clean and mother at the same time and It wasn't easy. I was completly worn out since newborns are more active at night and being under medication it made me more drowsy to the point I didn't have much energy, I still managed to do things and people wouldn't judge that the house wasn't spotless because stressing isn't good for you or the baby.

Babies can feel what your feeling so when your stressed your baby cries and if your breastfeeding your milk supply goes down. Some mothers have already moved out before having kids and still are unable to keep a clean house with a newborn. It's fine your not alone if your so tired and stressed and the only way to calm down is if you take a nap then take it. Forget about the house safety for you and the child comes first. People say sleep when the baby sleeps and other disagree because they have so much to do. Take it easy if you need sleep then sleep for a while and clean when you wake.

A newborn is easy some might say, all they do is eat, poo and sleep even though that is true a baby has more than that and it's exhausting they need so much caring and they're active at night more than the day.

Remember every baby is different some might sleep more than others. So those who have an easy baby that doesn't wake up every hour at night and say they can easily keep a house clean just because they had enough sleep even some say if you add up even if it's a broken sleep you get enough at night. Everyone copes differently broken sleeps don't mean anything some need to sleep right through to actually have a proper sleep

So to those mum's who worry about visitors coming to a messy house don't it's normal a lot of women out there are just like you who struggle and people won't and shouldn't judge you for that. Newborns are hard work, don't let your house get you down


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